MOBOS Gospel Award Nominees 2017

17 October 2017

The nominees for this year's MOBO awards are in. 

Lurine Cato
Mali Music
Triple O
Volney Morgan & New-Ye

What are your thoughts on the nominations? 

Surprised to see no nomination for Seth Pinnock &  A New Thing, whose album was an instant Number One hit. Itunes and Amazon recorded chart-topping sales. 

Does Mali music still do gospel? 
Does the UK Gospel scene need more expansion?
Who do you think will win this year?
What are your favourite songs from the nominees?

DeVon Franklin | Being Successful Without Compromising Faith

1 October 2017

DeVon Franklin recently appeared on the Breakfast Club to promote his new book.

His new book is called The Hollywood Commandments. In which he discusses how you can be successful in what you do and still maintain your faith without compromise. He shares stories of how he made it in Hollywood from being an intern to being successful in his own right.

Nabeel Qureshi Passes Away at age 34

17 September 2017

Nabeel Qureshi has passed away at the tender age of 34. He had been battling stomach cancer since 2016.  

Nabeel was a Christian convert who was raised a Muslim. Upon his journey in faith, he sought to know more about his then Islamic faith and ended up finding Jesus. He wrote about this in his book "Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus".  He has spoken extensively about Christianity and why Jesus is the way to salvation

He is survived by a wife and two children.

Rest in perfect peace.

Our prayers are with his family and friends.

Are you Bold?

21 August 2017
Photo by Edwin Andrade on Unsplash

Are you bold enough to speak publicly about Christ?
If a stranger asked you to pray with them in the streets would you pray with them?
Are you okay with street evangelism?
How do you feel Christians should spread the word?
Take a look at the videos below in the tweets.

Ada Ehi - I Overcame

14 July 2017
Photo Source: IG 
Whilst listening to Sinach, Youtube suggested a singer called Ada Ehi. I listened to a few of her songs and liked what I was hearing. Upon enquiring about her from members of the church Praise and Worship team I learned that one of her songs has been sung at church before.

Ada Ehi is a gospel singer from Nigeria. She studied Chemical Engineering at University before she decided to commit to a gospel music career. Her videos on Youtube have millions of views. She delivers the gospel message so eloquently with a selection of ballads and uptempo tracks. Her music videos have amazing cinematography. The visuals are amazing especially in the video for I Overcame. Ada is definitely a gospel artist worth listening to and one to watch.

Pepita Little Tells Her Story

3 June 2017

Pepita Little is a Jamaican TV personality who began her career at 16 years old.  She appeared on Religious Hardtalk recently and discussed her journey her faith her weaknesses. As a Christian, she discovered that she was still plagued with the same struggles as before such as smoking weed, being sexually active outside of marriage with a notable fellow Christian in the church and so much more.

When she sought help, she was given scriptures. The scriptures were nice to hear but as she lacked understanding of the scriptures she was none the wiser and still suffering. Pepita laments that when people talk about their deliverance or overcoming sometimes they need to also discuss the process involved and not just the end result. Once someone is "Saved", there needs to be ongoing maintenance to help them along their Christian walk.