The UN Thinks School Church Assemblies Are Bad

30 June 2016

The UN feels that British law that says Children should attend Christian assemblies is wrong. They feel it interferes with a chid's freedom of thought consciousness and religion and thus undermines their human rights. They want Britain to repeal the law.

Well I do not believe it is the UN's place to dictate to people how their children are raised. The only time I wish to hear about it is if there is a true cause for concern. You would think an organisation built around uniting the nations would be ok with Children being taught "Love thy neighbour" etc etc.

There are many countries where religion and culture and life seamlessly blend together with no issues. Britain is a very inclusive country at times to the detriment of the Christian faith it was built on according to some. It does not discriminate and many parents choose to send their kids to a Christian school who belong to a different faith or have no faith and have no issues. 

Anyway you can read more on this via: 

Marion Hall Performs at The White House

28 June 2016

Marion Hall, formerly known as Lady Saw performed at the White House.  Her life has completely changed since she fully surrendered her life over to Christ. Check out the performance below

Testimony Sharing

14 June 2016

So lately I have found myself drawn to watching videos of people declaring their love of God. Talking about how their faith in Jesus Christ has turned their life around and gotten them through so much. Many of these videos are by young people who simply decided they wanted to share more about their faith to their subbies. Here are two ladies whose testimonies are very different but the core of their faith is Jesus.



Do you want to share your testimony as a blog post please get in touch. Or if you have a video testimony please get in touch.

I hope you have been blessed by these ladies testimonies.

African Christianity On the Rise

8 June 2016

According to the Bible Society, Africa is emerging as the continent with the largest amount of Christians in the world. They predict that over the next 10 years the worlds majority of Christians will be living in Africa. 

Visit the Bible Society to read more. 

William Murphy | Your Love

1 June 2016

Pastor William Murphy has a new song called 'Your Love' from his latest album 'Demonstrate'.

It is a very uplifting song that will surely inspire you to remember God's grace in your life and to keep going.

The song opens with this declaration:

"I have been touched, changed, healed
Totally free from sin
Every shackle broke
Now I can live again"