Would You go to Prison for Your Faith in Christ?

7 August 2019

In the book of John 15: 18-21 Jesus lets it be known that the world which hated Him will also hate Christians too. They will hate followers of Christ and will seek to persecute them too.

In modern times it is not unheard of for a Christian to be taken to court for their faith and beliefs.  Even the expressions of faith. This happens all over the world. 

Asia Bibi formerly of Pakistan was in-prisoned based on false accusations of blasphemy. She only received her freedom recently. Christians in developing worlds are pushed out or wiped out completely. 

In the so called developed westernised nations and those who espouse democracy and freedom for all, the courts are used to silence and persecute Christians for sharing their faith even when the only thing spoken about is how much God loves you. 

In the UK Christian street preacher Oluwole Ilesanmi was arrested and his Bible confiscated. He was later released with no charge and has since been given compensation for the wrongful arrest.

Pastor David Lynne is a Canadian preacher known for his street preaching. Various videos of him engaging with various people can be found on Youtube. He is always respectful and allows people who wish to speak even with opposing views share their thoughts too. He currently is going through a court process in Canada. He did not preach hate, he preached love for all. A preacher who preached about God's love, which is what the world only wants to hear is still in court for sharing the gospel. 

This video from his youtube channel has an update from his court appearance. Which has lead me to ask;

Would you go to prison for your faith?