Sista Sasha from Dancehall to Reggae Gospel

9 May 2014

Sasha was an up and coming singer in the Dancehall Reggae scene. She sang songs with top artists such as Sean Paul. She also had her own hit songs such as Dat Sexy Body. It had appeared she left the music scene as soon as the years passed by no one heard of any new music by Sasha. To my delight I came across the interview in the Jamaica Observer of Sasha who now goes by the name Sista Sasha. She has left the dancehall scene behind to sing gospel music. In the article;
She admits it was not easy walking away from the dancehall scene, but adds there are no regrets. 
"Every Christian should have a spiritual ladder in their walk in Christ and step above the desires of the flesh," she reasoned. "God alone must be on our minds and out of that love and everything else will position itself."(source)

You can buy her new album Breaking Free on iTunes now.
An past interview with the Jamaica Star can be read here
In the meantime take a look at some of her songs which also feature on the album.

"Chosen" is said to be the lead single off the new album

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