Still looking to the sky

23 September 2009
I am still pretty much moving in faith. I have not posted about my journey in so long. At present I go church as often as I can and read the word. I get the Daily word and that helps me. I will give a proper update soon,

This songs sums it up for me

19 April 2009
I have always been a fan of Mary Mary's music. I have yet to buy their latest album but have added it to my Amazon wish list. The song I am on about is "The God in me ". Oh my days this song just speaks to me.

I so need to commit to prayer more and get my relationship with God, with Jesus where it should be. I absolutely love this song. It just makes me want to get up and get my praise on.

There is a part in the song where it says "behind closed doors she is on her knees". If you can look up the lyrics. This song is a blessing to listen to.


26 March 2009
I completed Purpose Driven Life a while ago. It has taken me on a journey of understanding and has helped me to put some things into perspective. I really enjoyed reading Purpose Driven Life. Because it was so centred around discovering God's purpose for your life and you being or going through a journey. Towards the end of the book on day 40, I was so exhausted in just getting on in life that I fell asleep before I could read. Though I made sure that I read it the next day without fail. I did not complete The Secret. it became boring as it just seemed to centre around the Universe and although it contained quotes from the Bible, it just didn't have that edge for me. I am told I should watch the DVD. i might one day.

My Blackberry is proving more useful everyday. My friend sent me a link for an application that allows me to access the Bible on my phone on the go. It is called YouVersion and you can download this application for many phone models. My Blackberry now has the Holy Bible on it. You get daily reads and can specify which version you wish to read and switch between them. One of my twitter pals also recommended Olive Tree as another useful application.
Right now I am still pretty much doing my best to think in faith. I have a friend at work who is a non practicing muslim. We were having a conversation at the Coffee Bar at work. He lives across the street from my church so I always extend an invitation to him. Somewhere along the line in our conversation I said to him "God is omnipresent, God is everywhere!" I noticed the guy behind us was smiling and quitely chuckling. Nothing horrible. We often have these conversations and although it may seem like we are having a laugh, I am serious. Messages get delivered in many ways and guises. You just do not hear this conversation all the time and not at work. I have similar conversations all the time.

starting 2009 with purpose

5 January 2009

Before I get into 2009 let me just tell you this. I am so determined to get my spirit my soul my life where it ought to be. I was at church towards the end of 2008 and there was a guest speaker. Sorry forgotten his name. He gave a good service. He did sly alter call. I will say sly because he did say put your hands up where you are and I will pray for you. Then came the come to alter bla bla bla. Not meaning to sound blaze' but I am trying to get this all out so I can read my book. You willl understand as you read on.

I can over analyse or over think. That may come from the fact that I am not one for surprises. Unless of course I am found pregnant with twin girls in view of the fact I have contraception. Anyway so I dutifully and willingly went to the alter and prayed and was prayed upon. We did a joint prayer committing ourselves to getting to know Jesus thus making that promise to God. I will declare now. Jesus is my saviour!!!

I was not sure when to leave the alter but took my guess when I felt like the person next to me had gone. I think it is the attention on me that makes my heart skip a beat no less. But why when through all my nerves I used to sing and recite poetry publicly. I need to loosen up. Not too much.

Anyway so I bought a few books back in October 2008. One of those books is Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. It says it is a 40 day spiritual journey that will give you an understanding of why you are on earth and God's amazing plan for you. I like the sound of that. So today is day 1. I am going to try blog my thoughts here as I read. I might not be able to do daily blogs but I will do weekly.

Have you read this book. What do you think of it. Join on my journey in faith and understanding. Let me know more about yours.

Blessings for 2009