Ark Replica To Set Sail

30 April 2016

The story of Noah in the Bible starts from Genesis chapter 6 onwards. You get a full breakdown of the world in Noah's days, the Ark construction and the great flood that covered the whole earth. Not forgetting the Nephilim, a human angel hybrid people who were very much anti-God. 

The Ark of Noah foundation have recreated the Ark based on the Biblical dimensions given in Genesis. The Foundation plans to set sail in this replica Ark and travel to Brazil in time for the Olympics. 

Will it reach its destination? Should Christians recreate what was or focus more on what is to come?
Read more on the Ark of Noah website 


Turkey Government Seizes Churches

22 April 2016
Hagia Sophia Church Istanbul, Turkey

The Turkish government has taken control of 6 churches in the city of Diyarbakir. The Turkish government claim this on going church seizure is to allow it to rebuild the cities holy centre. Many Christians now have no church to gather at as they have been barred from their buildings. Is freedom of religious expression at risk in Turkey in what is supposed to be a secular nation. Muslims make up 96-98% of the population, in which Christianity is a minority religion.

There has not been any extended cover of this news. Which is surprising as Turkey has a long history of wanting to join the EU and gift its citizens boundless EU travel as enjoyed by member states. 

Please pray for Turkey's Christian population.

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UK Gov Wants Sunday Schools Regulated By Ofsted

20 April 2016

If you have grown up with Christian parents who attend church weekly, Sunday School and in some cases Sabbath school may have been a major part of your life. It is the go to place to get a church based education in a child friendly space at a child friendly pace. Full of activities, singing and learning the Word. I attended Sunday School up until I was 16. By that time I was fully engrossed in main church services and Sunday school was not enough.

The UK government is targeting faith schools and have included Sunday schools. Any Church or religious organisation that offers education to children for more than six hours a week will be required to register with Ofsted. Also if someone complains about the education given by church sunday school Ofsted would have a legal right to step in and make demands of the church or religious institution. This proposal is said to be to ensure that British values are taught and to ensure no one is being radicalised. 

Christian Charities have given a join statement to oppose this move. As it would interfere with freedom of religion, privacy and family life and more. 

"The government says Ofsted will only inspect churches for 'British values' compliance if there is a complaint. However, the scope for vexatious complaints is considerable, especially in the current climate of aggressive secularism and religious illiteracy. The experience of some Christian schools is that inspectors themselves can be ignorant of or hostile to Christian beliefs and practices."
You can read the full article on the Evangelical Alliance Website.

Mary Mary Discuss Groups Future and Solo projects

15 April 2016

Erica Campbell and Tina Campbell of gospel duo Mary Mary appeared on TBN the other day. They discussed the groups future as well as their solo projects. Tina also sang her new single Speak The Word from her debut solo album It's Personal.

Throwback Thursdays | Sounds of Blackness

14 April 2016

The Sounds of Blackness had the world jamming and singing to inspirational and gospel melodies as far back as the late 60s. They were fully established as a group in their own right under the leadership of Gary Hines. Their 1st album was released in 1991 called "Optimistic".  Notable singles was the title track Optimistic and Testify.

The collective of singers and musicians went onto feature on movie soundtracks and release more albums in their own right. They have released music since 1991 and their last studio album was released in 2011.

I have their album "The Collective" which is full of their classic hits and album favourites over the years. There is something about their song Spirit feat Craig Mack. Also "I believe" with the lead sung by Ann Nesby. I can listen to these on repeat. They really do encourage you and uplift your spirits all while reminding you to keep the faith.

To read more about their achievements around the world take a look at their website Sounds of Blackness You will also find up to date news on where they are performing and new music offerings.
What is your favourite song(s) from Sounds of Blackness?

Reversing Unforgiveness

9 April 2016

I have previously discussed the "Divine power of forgiveness " a few years ago. It is one of those things that we as humans whether Christian or not grapple with.  So what do you do if you have been dealing with unforgiveness?

Here is a snippet from an article by Dr Wyatt Fisher who is a Christian Psychologist:

Unforgiveness hinders prayers and true intimacy. Think about it. If we gather hurt upon hurt and never let any of it go, the walls we build don't come down easily. The only way to connect with others is to be open and vulnerable. And being vulnerable means processing our pain and forgiving the people who hurt us. Yet, it’s not as simple as it sounds. Some hurts are so deep they feel like they will never go away. 
Because of the way romantic relationships work, unforgiveness blocks blessings. Apologies left unsaid and pain left unhealed can totally destroy the fellowship we have often spent months or years developing. Soon we find ourselves running away from one another instead of confiding, hoping other people will provide that safe place we feel has been lost. If we want to preserve true intimacy and grow closer, we need to learn to forgive and this article will show you five steps on how to do it today.

Also to read my previous article on Forgiveness click here.
Ultimately pray about it and seek counsel. Speak to your Pastor or someone you trust so that you can move from a place of pain to a place of healing and continue living the fab life God has blessed you with.

Briana Babineaux | Keys To My Heart Review

2 April 2016

Briana Babineaux has gone from being the young girl singing her heart out to gospel songs shared on youtube to a singer with a record deal. Still praising God in her music.

The album starts off with an intro highlighting how she became known. The millions of views her renditions acquired some of them she is accompanied by equally amazing singers in their own right.

The albums first single is " I'll Be The One" which sings about giving of ones life to service and standing in the gap, giving your all to God. Kind of like a self declaration, a commitment of faith and fellowship with God.

My favourite song on the album is "Love You Forever".  This is a song about loving God regardless of your situations. Declaring that the Lord deserves your all. Something about this song just gets my spirit in the mood to get my praise on. Its such a mellow song too. I have had this one on repeat daly since buying the album. Another song to highlight is Bri's very own version of the gospel classic "Holy Spirit".

Overall this is a lovely debut that showcases her vocal talents very well. I do love seeing her impromptu videos on youtube where she belts out songs. A truly anointed singer with an album worthy of a purchase. 

So do purchase the album which is available on iTunes, Amazon mp3 and where digital music is sold.