Throwback Thursdays | Sounds of Blackness

14 April 2016

The Sounds of Blackness had the world jamming and singing to inspirational and gospel melodies as far back as the late 60s. They were fully established as a group in their own right under the leadership of Gary Hines. Their 1st album was released in 1991 called "Optimistic".  Notable singles was the title track Optimistic and Testify.

The collective of singers and musicians went onto feature on movie soundtracks and release more albums in their own right. They have released music since 1991 and their last studio album was released in 2011.

I have their album "The Collective" which is full of their classic hits and album favourites over the years. There is something about their song Spirit feat Craig Mack. Also "I believe" with the lead sung by Ann Nesby. I can listen to these on repeat. They really do encourage you and uplift your spirits all while reminding you to keep the faith.

To read more about their achievements around the world take a look at their website Sounds of Blackness You will also find up to date news on where they are performing and new music offerings.
What is your favourite song(s) from Sounds of Blackness?

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