Meet Marion Hall formerly Lady Saw

4 January 2016

Marion Hall gives her 1st interview since her baptism on the popular Jamaican show On Stage. In the interview she talks about how her Dancehall persona Lady Saw is now in the past as she has taken up her cross to follow Christ. The interview touches on former disagreements she has had over the years with fellow artists and her resolve to ask for forgiveness as she walks in love.

Clips of her past interviews are shown to illustrate how over the years she has mentioned how much God has been talking to her. She has been hearing His call and finally decided to say yes. According to Marion, God has let her know that she will be an evangelist reaching out to people. She aims to be very obedient and only moving according to God's will.

I am very proud of her. She sounds so happy and at peace in this interview. I look forward to hearing more of her songs dedicated to God's glory. It shows no matter who you are or what status you have, when God calls you He calls you.

Take a look at the full interview below: