Seasons Greetings 2014

31 December 2013
I hope and pray that you all had a lovely Christmas holiday and was able to re-connect with family and friends. I am also praying that the new year 2014 will be full of abundance in all areas of your lives. The victory is yours! The below song is by Maurette Brown Clark and is called I hear the sound (of victory). May it bless you as it has been a blessing to me too. God bless.

Ja Rule Talks About Giving His Life to God

20 December 2013
I saw this video and thought how refreshing. I love the way Ja Rule speaks about the way Christians preach the word but some do not put what they say into action. Very happy for him that he has found a church that accepts him and may God's grace continue to help grow him spiritually.

Champion by Shekinah Glory Ministries

4 October 2013
Shekinah Glory have such an annointing. This song "Champion" is so amazing. It just makes me want to stop what I am doing and send up praises to my Lord.

Resurrection Power

22 September 2013
In John 11:25 Jesus declares... "I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live"

I Can I Will I Must

28 August 2013

This video came up in my stream on FB today. It is an inspirational motivational speech about overcoming obstacles and not giving up. There is a point in the video where the above pic is shown. A man was working towards a goal but gave up just before he reached his prize and reaped the rewards of all his hard work. You are alive you are blessed and must not give up now. The Bible teaches : I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Philippians 4:13).

Watch the below video be inspired and do not give up. Stay Blessed!

Midnight Oil Summit - Review

4 August 2013

I went to the Midnight Oil Summit 2013 which was held in Birmingham at the Symphony Hall and Conservatoire. Across the weekend there was much to do and learn from the speakers. I was even inspired by many of those clearly younger than me who were so full of worship and praise for the Lord.

I reached Birmingham a few hours after the school run as this time around my children came along. I so enjoyed the main event Friday evening. The choir was amazing. I even enjoyed the preaching by Pastor Mark Liburd (Ruach) who ministered using the backdrop of a film called In Time. I was so intrigued by this story that I had to buy the film. It just puts things in perspective. We definitely do not know how much time we have here on earth.

The saturday had an overcast to it. A hate group who under the disguise of keeping Britain pure were marching that same day. I was concerned more for my kids as at their age to experience such hate would have been awful. I skipped Prayer Plus and opted for Woven which started later. Once out of the hotel police where everywhere and the bins were covered in plastic bags and taped up. We passed a group of protestors on our way to the conservatoire who were at the pub next to our hotel. I felt tense passing by but thank God I was walking in a nice size group. It saddened me to see how young some  of the people were. To think they have been taught to hate so young. 

Anyway inside the conservatoire was a nice atmosphere. I found myself sat with the youngest people in my group again. Which was fun. Young people are on fire for Jesus. It was supposed to be a Q&A session but when the Lord wants a session to take a different direction it is best to obey. So Woven turned into an extended praise and worship and people were moved. I love when that happens. We did get a snippet of preaching from Sonia Hogg at the end. 

My plan was to go back to the hotel and skip The Bakery event so I could feed my kids and chill out for a bit before the live recording at symphony hall. However as the protestors were in full swing of their activities and other anti protest groups the police told us we had to stay put. So it was like we had a lock in. So I stayed for The Bakery and afterwards time was filled with praise and worship. We also were able to reflect on those on the outside filled with so much hate. We prayed for them and the police and the city of Birmingham. 

Once able to leave we headed over to the Symphony hall along a route to avoid any protest stragglers. I quickly got a bite to eat and than sat down and enjoyed the music. Did I say sat down. I was actually stood up for the most part. Some of the songs were written by the event organiser Seth Pinnock. Midnight Oil Summit has been is vision from a young age and is now 7 years old. The live concert was streamed on OHTv and there will be a cd in 2014. I really enjoyed the live concert and the songs. Overall an amazing event. There is definitely a strong youth following but has an appeal to older people too. On Youtube if you type in Midnight Oil Summit 2013 you can see may videos uploaded from the night.

One more thing. Videos of charity Compassion UK were shown. My oldest son who is 7 (almost 8) was moved by a child who was happy going to church as no one hits him there. He now wants to sponsor a child and as a family we will thin of ways to ensure we can do so with ease. 

The Divine Power of Forgiveness

10 July 2013

So what does it mean to forgive? 

According to the word "forgive" can be broken down into 5 or 6 ways. Two of which state forgive as to (1) grant pardon for or remission of (an offense, debt, etc.); absolve. (2) to cease to feel resentment against: to forgive one's enemies. Just to break down this word a bit further The Word Detective further explains that forgive originates from the Latin word Perdonare which gives us the word pardon. Forgive itself is a literal transliteration of perdonare which means "to give completely, without reservation"(source). 

I came across a video of the three ladies who were kidnapped as teenagers and found after 10yrs having been held hostage and kept away from their families. In the video Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight give brief speeches regarding their rescue and gratitude to all those who helped pre and post rescue. I have been moved by what all three have said. Even more so, Knight who is the last to speak expresses a forgiveness that has clearly been rooted in God's love and grace. As she spoke I could sense that God was definitely present. Her faith amazes me and even more so her mindset. All three ladies have a God given purpose in life. I am happy for their freedom and pray God continues to bless and heal them thoroughly may every chain of captivity be completely broken in Jesus name. 

When Michelle Knight says she refuses to let the situation define her but that she will define the situation I was like wow. She further expresses that she does not want to be consumed by hatred. Un-forgiveness can do just that. It can become this consuming fire that gets way out of control. A good example of this can be found in 2 Samuel 13:23-33 whereby Absalom waited and plotted for two years to get revenge against his half brother Amnon for forcing his sister Tamar. Their father King David did not punish Amnon so Absalom took it upon himself to get revenge. He allowed another persons sin to cause him to sin on even a greater scale. 

Throughout the Bible we are shown God's enduring love for humanity. When Adam and Eve sinned in the garden of Eden,  God covered them with animal skins as expressed in Genesis 3:21. He could have left them in their shame and let their sin consume them but God's love is the agape type of love that is unconditional. In Matthew 6 Jesus gives us what is referenced as the Lord's Prayer. In verse 12 it says "And forgive us our debts, As we forgive our debtors." So we can see right there in one of the most important prayers that every Christian tends to know by heart is an expression of forgiveness by us of all who do us wrong. It also clearly expresses that by forgiving our wrong doers that God will also forgive us. (see also verse 14) How will people who recite the Lord's prayer who have unforgiven hearts explain themselves on Judgement Day. Now that is something I never thought about before. It is that deep. 

In Matthew 18:21-35 we are given the parable of the unforgiven servant.  Jesus having been asked about how often shall a person forgive wrong doing by others shares this story with his disciples. A servant owes the King money. He pleads for forgiveness and the King having compassion decides to  wipe away all the debt. The same servant is owed money by someone else but refuses to forgive their debt. The king finds out about the unforgiveness of the servant and revokes the pardon and the servant has to repay all his debt due to his lack of compassion to others. He failed to forgive others for the very thing he was forgiven for. Many are easily guilty of doing exact same thing. I have paraphrased the story and do encourage you to read the parable in full.

I asked a few friends what their perspective was on the act of forgiveness and what it means to them and their viewpoint. They all agreed on the basic principles

Kelly stated that "it is letting go of what someone has done to you. Not saying that it is right. but not holding any malice or using it against them."

Susan explained that, "forgiveness means peace of mind ......when you don't forgive it consumes your soul, trust in God on judgement day!"

Te'  expressed that, "knowing how important it is to ask and receive the forgiveness is huge! As you know God wont accept our offering unless we are on good terms with our neighbours and even worse if a mans wife is upset with him and he doesn't clear it...there is scripture that says God isn't acknowledging your prayers! Forgiveness is think that young lady forgave a guy that treated her that way she set him free completely. Sooo in that respect she has shown REAL love! HUGE!"

There is power in forgiveness for the person who has been wronged. True forgiveness releases you from all the hurt and pain and that consuming desire to seek revenge that would lead you to sin. Unforgiveness is said to be a block to many answers in prayers and blessings. Holding on to all that hurt and pain is a poison that can make you physically ill. Release it all to God. In Romans 12:19 God explains that all revenge belongs to Him. You have to release it and allow God to deal with it.

Galations 6:1-3 expresses that spiritual people must forgive their wrong doers. Look upon them from Christ's perspective and do not be tempted to sin because of another persons sin.

Children are also able to show forgiveness from a young age too.  Click here to see Kai express forgiveness to the man who aimlessly shot his gun in the air paralysing her. The man who shot her upon hearing her forgive him changed his plea from not guilty to guilty and he also apologised to her. Kai's mum was also able to forgive him and even hugged him in court.

Forgiveness does not mean your wrong doers get away. Trust me they will have their day on Judgement Day. Though it releases you from all that negative energy and feelings and allows you to heal. Many times people who do you wrong do not sit down and think how much they have hurt you. They continue with their lives. God commands us to forgive so we should. Do not give your power over to another person based on what they have done to you. Forgive them and stay in control. Pray about it. In all things pray and use wisdom. 

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Midnight Oil Summit 2013 - Taking Over the City!

8 July 2013

Midnight Oil Summit 2013

My friends have attended the Midnight Oil Summit over the past few years. I have been pretty much nah its okay. Though this year I am definitely going. It is a conference that I can only liken unto MegaFest hosted by TD Jakes. There are events for families, women and men. I look forward to seeing the flash mobs and might enjoy one of the prayer picnics. I am also looking forward to the live album recording. After all praise and worship is my favourite part of any event.

Midnight Oil Summit takes place 18-20 July 2013 in Birmingham. The 18th is a separate ticketed event for leaders. The 19th and the 20th are the main events. Pray for me, that me and (yes) my boys can wake early enough to attend Prayer Plus. I have heard so many good things about it. I am quite excited and praying that my day to day life doesn't get in the way. I am ready to learn and grow and get my praise on. Tickets for the 19th and 20th is £20 and will get you into both days. There are no concessions. Do not let that put you off. This is going to be an amazing event and will be worth every penny. Watch the video below.

Book Review | Prayers That Move Mountains by John Eckhardt

7 June 2013
I have managed to accumulate quite a few books from conferences and free offerings from various ebook platforms. I managed to get Prayers that Move Mountains by John Eckhardt free from Google Play when it was on promotion. It's tagline says : power prayers that bring answers from heaven.

Now I had not heard of Eckhardt before. He is an Apostle and overseer of Crusaders Church in Chicago, USA. His website describes him as an apostolic reformer. I checked what the paid for price was for this book and decided it was worth its freeness. Plus I have a longing desire to improve my prayer life. I have read the Bible yet still long for that intimate prayer life with my Lord. I often listen in awe of those who once they start to pray they speak so eloquently and magnificently. The way the words flow out of their mouths is like poetry to me. Those who have known me for years know me as a poet. Yes poetry and words were my life. 

The book begins with some questions for you to consider such as: what mountains are you facing? It then moves onto declarations faith. There are 7 sections. Each discuss a different prayer focus. 

1. The Prayer of Faith
2. The Prayer of the Righteous
3.The Persistant Prayer
4. The Prayer of a Contrite Heart 
5. The Prayer of the Destitute
6. Midnight an Midday Prayer
7. Prayer and Fasting.

For every section you get a Biblical explanation related back to scripture. This is then followed by prayers that you can learn again linked with scripture. So you are shown how to use the Word to pray accordingly. My friend had a look at the chapter I was on at the time and she found the few pages that she read amazing. 

I have read other books on prayer but I do feel this one really teaches me a few things. I have enjoyed this book thoroughly. Now I have probably 50 more to get through. If you know of any good books please leave a comment below. 

Stay Blessed!

My God is Awesome - remixed

17 May 2013

I may end up reviewing loads of gospel songs just to get me back in the flow of updating this blog on a regular basis. My Gospel music collection is growing. There are two major types of gospel I love - classic praise and worship and songs which speak of daily struggles in christianity but express hope and  explains His grace.

My church has been singing Awesome during praise and worship for a long time. I so love this song. The words give hope and peace. Yes my God is awesome. Now I only just discovered the remix of this song and its accompanying video featuring Jessica Reedy, Isaac Caree, Da Truth and Canton Jones. The way the remix has been done and delivered in video reminded me of singer Brandy's video remix for her song I wanna Be Down. No not the content of the song but how the featured artists are presented and the black and white finish. They definitely did a good job with the remix

The remix of Awesome just gives me more life and emotion reminding me as ever how awesome my God is. If you do not know God try God. He is awesome. 

Passover Good Friday

29 March 2013

Good Friday is observed to commemorate the day that our Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross. His death and following resurrection was to cleanse the sinners of their sins and begin new lives. By Christ death on the cross it demonstrated God's love for mankind. We have been separated by sin from God but now through Jesus we can be reconciled to God. Have you taken up your cross?

In understanding the Passover story it is worth reading Exodus 12 to explore and learn the Passover story. Also the crucifixion story in John 19 and Matthew 27.

Antonina Griffin's Testimony

29 January 2013
This week on FB many of my friends have been sharing this video testimony on their wall. It is by a lady called Antonina Griffin which is titled: Against all Odss My Struggle My Story. Although she does not speak in the video she uses flash cards whilst the powerful song Take me to the King by Tamela Man plays in the background. Antonina is very emotional throughout the video but what she shares just blows you away. If you have not seen the video you may want to get some tissues ready before you watch. God is so amazing. I have been so inspired and encouraged after watching this.

No matter where you are in life, God has a plan for you and victory shall be yours in Jesus Name. I hope this video encourages you to not give up.

Please visit her youtube channel and show her some love and thank her for sharing her Testimony.
Her Youtube Channel link

Power in the name of Jesus

23 January 2013
There is power in the name of Jesus to brake every chain break every chain. 

I tend to like most versions of this song. Tasha Cobbs version is one of my favourites. Her voice is truly anointed and I look forward to the release of her new album next month. 

There are many verses in the Bible which refer to the power of the name of Jesus. One of which is  Philipians 2:10  " so that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth. 

It is always sad to see people use the Lord's name as a swear word rather than a powerful name that can brake down every strong hold. 

Happy 2013

1 January 2013
I hope you have purposed filled new year. I hope to do more blog posts this year too. Enjoy 2013 and be a blessing not a curse to someone. You are here today and that itself is a blessing.