Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

24 December 2017

Before the foundations of the world were complete, God knew that man would fail. However, He chose to still create us. He still wanted a relationship with us. 

Jesus was sent down from heaven to earth to save us from our sins and reunite us back to the Father.  It was by His Grace that we were saved. Jesus became the ultimate sacrifice for all of humanity.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Forgive Us of Our Sins

21 December 2017

Our Father in heaven,
Hallowed be Your name.
Your kingdom come.
Your will be done
On earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our debts,
As we forgive our debtors.
And do not lead us into temptation,
But deliver us from the evil one.
For Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. 
(Matthew 6:9-13 KJV)

Paul, Apostle of Christ Movie

19 December 2017
Paul, Apostle of Christ/Source Facebook/PaulMovie/
Apostle Paul wrote a big chunk of the New Testament. He went from being the biggest tyrant to Christians to becoming a faithful servant of Christ. His encounter changed the course of his life forever. His story is being brought to life in the movie Paul, Apostle of Christ.

The film is scheduled for release in March 2018.

The Ancient City of Corinth Preserved

18 December 2017

A recent discovery was made of the ancient city Corinth by archaeologists. So much has been preserved by the salt water of the ruins that have laid undersea for many years. Much of the structure of this Biblical city date back to 1AD.

The letters to the church of Corinth are found in 1st and 2nd Corinthians.They are some of the most read New Testament Bible books today. Apostle Paul being made aware of certain practices amongst the new believers writes to them to steer them in the right direction.

In the 1st Corinthian book, Paul addresses issues to do with sin, leadership, and marriage amongst several other concerns that the church at Corinth had questions regarding. 2nd Corinthians re-affirms what he says as some were still not sure about his authority on such matters. It is in Corinthians that he boasts about the levels of his faith.


Are You a Shepherd?

17 December 2017

Shepherds were always out in the fields with their livestock. They often missed out on certain ceremonies or meetings with notable people. Their job not as revered as others. However, God often called Shepherds to do mighty things. King David was a shepherd boy. He was chosen by God to be king.

Do not let your humble beginnings dissuade you from walking towards your purpose.

God Calls You, Do You Answer?

16 December 2017

I know so many people who believe in God. They read the Bible for inspiration yet they are too afraid to say "Yes Lord!" There are so many excuses as to why right now they can't answer the call. However, God is not looking for perfected people. He will help mold you into who He knows you are. His Word says come as you are. No matter what your circumstances He is ready and waiting to say welcome.

 The book of Samuel is a good example of hearing God's voice and not knowing what to do. However once he said Yes Lord here I am, his world changed for the better.

So if you have ever felt the yearning that desire just say yes Lord I am.

Sharing the Gospel at Christmas

15 December 2017
Author Rico Tice shares his views on how to share the gospel at Christmas. How do you spread the good news during the festive period in the midst of the glitz and glam?

Do You Hear What I hear?

14 December 2017

Said the little lamb to the Shepard boy
Do you hear what I hear
Ringing through the sky Shepard boy
Do you hear what I hear
A song, a song
High above the trees
With a voice as big as the sea
With a voice as big as the sea

12 Days Til Christmas

13 December 2017

It is officially 12 days until one of the biggest celebrations of the year, Christmas Day. It is also for some, one of the most expensive seasons of the year. Businesses are brimming with overstock eager to make their whole years worth of earnings to the public in one month alone. Christmas goods began popping up back in September in the UK. Despite all the shopping glitz and glam, what is Christmas all about?

You see a long long time ago there was a young maiden named Mary betrothed to a man named David. The angel Gabriel had told her God has chosen her to be the vessel whom our King would be born into the world to save us.

Jesus came down from heaven born in a manger and was slain for our sins. Not just the sins people take the most notice of. Not just the sins the secular world focuses its questions to Christians on. All sins. He sweated blood as he prayed for us. He endured for us. He died for us. So that He could save us from our sins and reunite us back to the Father. 

I encourage you to remember that Jesus is the reason for the season. 

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. (John 3:16)

MOBOS Gospel Award Nominees 2017

17 October 2017

The nominees for this year's MOBO awards are in. 

Lurine Cato
Mali Music
Triple O
Volney Morgan & New-Ye

What are your thoughts on the nominations? 

Surprised to see no nomination for Seth Pinnock &  A New Thing, whose album was an instant Number One hit. Itunes and Amazon recorded chart-topping sales. 

Does Mali music still do gospel? 
Does the UK Gospel scene need more expansion?
Who do you think will win this year?
What are your favourite songs from the nominees?

DeVon Franklin | Being Successful Without Compromising Faith

1 October 2017

DeVon Franklin recently appeared on the Breakfast Club to promote his new book.

His new book is called The Hollywood Commandments. In which he discusses how you can be successful in what you do and still maintain your faith without compromise. He shares stories of how he made it in Hollywood from being an intern to being successful in his own right.

Nabeel Qureshi Passes Away at age 34

17 September 2017

Nabeel Qureshi has passed away at the tender age of 34. He had been battling stomach cancer since 2016.  

Nabeel was a Christian convert who was raised a Muslim. Upon his journey in faith, he sought to know more about his then Islamic faith and ended up finding Jesus. He wrote about this in his book "Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus".  He has spoken extensively about Christianity and why Jesus is the way to salvation

He is survived by a wife and two children.

Rest in perfect peace.

Our prayers are with his family and friends.

Are you Bold?

21 August 2017
Photo by Edwin Andrade on Unsplash

Are you bold enough to speak publicly about Christ?
If a stranger asked you to pray with them in the streets would you pray with them?
Are you okay with street evangelism?
How do you feel Christians should spread the word?
Take a look at the videos below in the tweets.

Ada Ehi - I Overcame

14 July 2017
Photo Source: IG 
Whilst listening to Sinach, Youtube suggested a singer called Ada Ehi. I listened to a few of her songs and liked what I was hearing. Upon enquiring about her from members of the church Praise and Worship team I learned that one of her songs has been sung at church before.

Ada Ehi is a gospel singer from Nigeria. She studied Chemical Engineering at University before she decided to commit to a gospel music career. Her videos on Youtube have millions of views. She delivers the gospel message so eloquently with a selection of ballads and uptempo tracks. Her music videos have amazing cinematography. The visuals are amazing especially in the video for I Overcame. Ada is definitely a gospel artist worth listening to and one to watch.

Pepita Little Tells Her Story

3 June 2017

Pepita Little is a Jamaican TV personality who began her career at 16 years old.  She appeared on Religious Hardtalk recently and discussed her journey her faith her weaknesses. As a Christian, she discovered that she was still plagued with the same struggles as before such as smoking weed, being sexually active outside of marriage with a notable fellow Christian in the church and so much more.

When she sought help, she was given scriptures. The scriptures were nice to hear but as she lacked understanding of the scriptures she was none the wiser and still suffering. Pepita laments that when people talk about their deliverance or overcoming sometimes they need to also discuss the process involved and not just the end result. Once someone is "Saved", there needs to be ongoing maintenance to help them along their Christian walk.  

Snoop Dogg Has Heart Set on Gospel Music!

21 May 2017
Picture Source: Snoop Dogg IG
Snoop Dogg recently shared in a radio interview that he plans to release a Gospel music album. That is right. Snoop Dogg, the infamous Gangster rapper, whose dabbled in Reggae (Rasta Snoop) is now turning to Gospel music.

In his interview, he explains that he has been in conversations with singer Faith Evans about this project. He declares it has been in his heart to do gospel album for a long time. 

What will a Snoop Gospel album sound like and will HipHop fans buy the music? Will Snoop get a warm welcome from Christian and Gospel music faithful fans let alone church attendees? 

One thing is for sure. As he says it has been in his heart to do such a project, I can only imagine God is working on him internally. What do you think?

How Do You Start Your Day?

3 May 2017

I was told by an elder to start my day with the Lord. Yet over these last few months, I have been struggling with reading my Bible. I have various apps on my mobile phone, books, study aids and Bibles, Yet I am finding it harder and harder to set aside time that I require to spend time with the Lord.

I came across this image from Youversion one of my favourite Bible apps. I normally have an active reading plan in place. I am trying to focus but I am struggling. Even in my downtime I feel like my mind has to be occupied and that I need to use up as much time I have to try achieve goals. Yet I spend so much time thinking about it, it does not produce the fruits I want. I feel a part of this lull is because I feel I should have be grown spiritually a lot more by now. 

With all that being said. I aim to set aside more time to read my Bible, watch videos, and study the Word. I am into theological studies at the moment. Having travelled through historical church history I have a better understanding of many things such as why Christians celebrate on certain days and how agreements came to pass on the trinity and divinity of Christ. Also how multi-racial the Bible actually is. 

What do you do to get back your spiritual spark? How do you get back to that place of reading, seeking, learning and growing faithfully daily. How do you get into that routine of starting each day with the Lord? Do you have to be sat down? Will an audio book do? Let me know how you start your day with the Lord.

He is Risen!

16 April 2017

But the angel said to the women, “Do not be afraid, for I know that you seek Jesus who was crucified. He is not here, for he has risen, (Matthew 28:5-6 ESV)

Songs of Praised Outsourced!

12 March 2017

Songs of Praise will now be produced outside of the BBC studios. It has been produced by the BBC since 1961. The BBC under a new due process had to put in a pitch for its own tv shows that it has faithfully produced for years alongside other production houses. Two independent companies won the rights to produce the show. 

Church leaders are concerned about this change. Will the companies keep the ethos of the show or will it lose its religious authenticity that the nation has come to love? We shall see.

To read more click here.

Happy Valentine's Day?

14 February 2017

So Valentine's day has become a day where people who love each other tell people so. Gifts are bought and egos are inflated. However, what is the meaning of true love?

God is the meaning of true love. He gave His only begotten son up for sacrifice so that we may live eternally. All we have to do is yes to Christ and pick up our cross. So confess with your mouth and in your heart that Jesus is Lord, aspire to sin no more and allow God to bless you in ways you cannot imagine.

God is the essence of true love. So don't worry if you are unable to join in the commercial materialistic side of love. True love cannot be found in such things.

God is love 

R.I.P. Bishop Eddie Long

15 January 2017

Bishop Eddie Long, the senior pastor of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church passed away on 15th January 2017 after a private battle with cancer at the age of 63.

Eddie Long a much-respected Pastor who clearly had an anointing on his life, was plagued with rumours and lawsuits over the past years. After a season out of the public eye, Eddie re-emerged looking clearly slimmer and somewhat frail than his usual stature. He has now gone to be with the KIng.

He is survived by his wife Vanessa and their children. 

Condolences to his family and his church.

Rest In Peace Bishop.

Kim Is Standing For The King!

5 January 2017

This is not a topic that I cover on this blog for several reasons. Mainly because it can become a distraction from many things. If ever someone wishes to delve deeper I may let them do so on this blog.

So as you will know by now the Pastor and legendary gospel great singer Kim Burrell made the headlines like never before in the secular world. Whilst pastoring at her church a pew sitter decided to live stream a few minutes of the sermon where she discusses sexual sin and spirits of deception operating in the church. She does give very descriptive details of what she means. Kim has since posted two videos of her own where she clarifies that she does not hate nor condemn anyone to hell as she knows she cannot do so. She is not God. 

Below, here is a video of Quannel X a Muslim and Matt Patrick a Christian discussing Kim Burrell. Quannell is basically saying Christians have allowed the world to get too comfortable attacking them for their beliefs yet Muslims stand at the ready to defend their faith and the world knows this. 

There is clearly more going on than the headlines. It's spiritual and requires prayer and strong leadership.

If you were Kim how would you have presented the message at hand?
Should the person who filmed the sermon snippet be required to answer to the church? Was their intention good or bad and are they happy with the end result?

Prayers for everyone. 

This too shall pass!