Blessing Annatoria - Stay with Me

23 June 2022


Annatoria has released an amazing Afrobeat Gospel anthem Stay With Me.

She is the 9th winner of the Voice UK and what a lovely voice she has. It is always nice to see what the winners and contestants are doing now from major talent shows.

I came across the song when she appeared on my "for you page" on Tiktok

The song asks questions about her journey in faith which we all can relate to. Are we always on that narrow path do we make mistakes? Are we living righteously? But one thing for sure we want God to stay with us by our side.

 Take a listen and even look up the lyrics, You wont be disappointed.

God Calling - Review

5 March 2022

 God Calling is an emotional tear jerker of a movie. The acting will not blow you away but the message is loud and clear

It tells the tale of a family who loses their child in an accident and the subsequent events after. 

Sade filled with guilt and addiction she journeys through hallucinations dreams and spiritual encounters. Her husband annoyed by her habit full of grief seems upset that she has started to answer to God as opposed to still saying He is calling her.

It's a movie that shows God's love in the face of adversity. Reminding us He is always calling us. Sometimes our experiences cloud our hearing but God is persistent and never gives upon us. This one is worth the watch

God Calling is available to watch on Netflix.