26 March 2009
I completed Purpose Driven Life a while ago. It has taken me on a journey of understanding and has helped me to put some things into perspective. I really enjoyed reading Purpose Driven Life. Because it was so centred around discovering God's purpose for your life and you being or going through a journey. Towards the end of the book on day 40, I was so exhausted in just getting on in life that I fell asleep before I could read. Though I made sure that I read it the next day without fail. I did not complete The Secret. it became boring as it just seemed to centre around the Universe and although it contained quotes from the Bible, it just didn't have that edge for me. I am told I should watch the DVD. i might one day.

My Blackberry is proving more useful everyday. My friend sent me a link for an application that allows me to access the Bible on my phone on the go. It is called YouVersion and you can download this application for many phone models. My Blackberry now has the Holy Bible on it. You get daily reads and can specify which version you wish to read and switch between them. One of my twitter pals also recommended Olive Tree as another useful application.
Right now I am still pretty much doing my best to think in faith. I have a friend at work who is a non practicing muslim. We were having a conversation at the Coffee Bar at work. He lives across the street from my church so I always extend an invitation to him. Somewhere along the line in our conversation I said to him "God is omnipresent, God is everywhere!" I noticed the guy behind us was smiling and quitely chuckling. Nothing horrible. We often have these conversations and although it may seem like we are having a laugh, I am serious. Messages get delivered in many ways and guises. You just do not hear this conversation all the time and not at work. I have similar conversations all the time.