Jesus on Top

16 December 2011
I saw this video tweeted earlier today. It is of Kierra Kiki Sheard singing a gospel remix version of Beyonce Love on Top song. Words such as 'You' are replaced with Jesus. It has been sung as a reprise and it gives a whole new message. Worth a listen.

Study Bibles

7 December 2011

I have always wanted a decent study Bible. One that could help me a get a deeper meaning of what is being read. I already owned the TD Jakes Woman Thou Art Loosed edition of the BIble. It is filled with study bits and what it calls pearls of wisdom. Though compared to my Amplified Bible it does not give the extra's I needed. Having said that my friend reads the copy I bought her everyday.

So I finally took a trip t Wesley Owen Book store and bought myself a brand new study Bible. The lovely assistant helped me choose and showed me many of the study Bible's on offer. I ended up buying the Life Application study Bible New Kings James Version (NKJV).  The beginning has a family tree section so you could add your family history I guess to pass the Bible on through generations. Then it has a chronology of Bible and world events. This is followed by the books of the Bible. Under each page is a footnote with detailed explanation for the verses above. These are quite easy to follow. 

At the back of the book is a 365 day reading plan, abbreviations to index notes, index notes, dictionary and colour maps. So I think I have definitely bought a good study Bible. I need to use this more and more each day. To further my studies I wish to attend my church's Bible study class. This is provinh difficult because of the time and lack of support at home. However my sis in law who this year has become a regular church attendee wants to attend to so we will see what we can plan so we both can go.

Do you use a study Bible if so which one? I chose to stick with King James because its the text I was brought up on and find easier to understand. NKJV does not read too different from KJV for me.

Your faith or current career?

10 November 2011
I was just reading an article that is a few weeks old regarding the X-Factor UK competition. A group called The Risk, which is made up of guys who auditioned solo and placed in a group by the show judges. At the time I read that Ashley quit the show because he did not see his future in a group. Now I come across this article from the Daily Mirror which states that the real reason was his Faith in Jesus Christ. He did not wish to compromise his faith by celebrating Halloween as was the theme during Halloween weekend. 

I have in the past heard of some really successful artist who quit at the top of their success because of their faith. I find this admirable. To have such a strong faith and commitment to it that you can just say my faith above all things. I pray that the future sees him be successful in whatever God has planned for him. 

Gospel music new purchases

25 September 2011
I think my gospel music collection is not as good as it used to be. So I made a point of buying some new music. I have been given music by artists I am not too sure of. However when watching random youtube videos and a lady mentioned Isaac Carree who used to sing back up for Kirk Franklin. His album Uncommon me seems to have so many good reviews plus it is the type of Gospel music I like too. 

The other album I bought is Trin-i-Tee 5:7 Angel and Chanelle who are now a duo. I have some of their other albums and like what I hear so far. Below is a video of a song on this album called Over and Over.

God is wiser than men

19 August 2011
This is a another text I received from one of my friends. I forwarded this onto many people who were truly inspired by the words. So yet again I am sharing. 

"Because the foolishness of God is wiser than men;..." (1 Corinthians 1:25). Example 1. God could live any where in the universe but chose our hearts! Why?  Example 2. God saved the whole world using an old rugged cross! Why? Dont you know? Neither do I. The things of God that appear foolish  are wiser than men.

Winners never quit!

15 August 2011
Here is a text message I received from my good friend. I hope it blesses and empowers you to succeed. 

"And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not." (Galatians 6:9).  

We all feel like giving up sometimes. Especially when we keep getting set backs in what we are trying to achieve. But often a success is just a failure that tried again. So keep going! Remember quitters never win and winners never quit. If you trust in Jesus you will be a winner.  Bless.

Lift Him up

17 July 2011
This is one song that is sung at my church during praise and worship on a regular rotation. Today's service was all about having faith and succeeding beyond circumstances. It was not one of those prosperity doctrines either. A young lady gave her testimony on achieving 2:1 degree after 4 years to become Neuro science doctor. She achieved this without a student loan and always kept God first. It was very inspiring listening to her.

Do not be discouraged

5 June 2011
Last week I was browsing my favourite video site for makeup tutorials. I was partly doing research and just exploring. I came across a YouTuber called BronzeGoddess01 whose latest video was called - Motivation: "What About Me?"/Don't bother the Master. She touches on your wants and desires in your prayers. for example she uses wanting a house or a baby and someone else comes along and gets what you want. Some people would give up on their dreams thinking that their dream has died. However your dreams are not dead. Some people will tell you to stop bothering God, when God never told you your dream was dead. Definitely watch this video and  believe that there is a blessing in there for you. I have shared this with some of my friends and they too have been blessed by this message. So please do not be discouraged. I know I need to take heed to this. I was definitely moved by this.

One more thing. The Bible story mentioned is about Jairus' daughter and occurs around the same time as the more famous story about the lady with the issue of blood (Mark 5:21-43). You can read a more in depth commentary about 
Jairus' daughter on

Perseverance in Obedience

2 June 2011
Perseverance in obedience is the key to receiving the promises of God.  And when we get off track, repentance is key. In Psalm 119, we see that God gives us hope through His promises (vs. 49).  He preserves our lives through His promises (vs. 50).  He supplies us with grace according to His promises (vs. 58).  And we are to meditate on and rejoice in His promises (vs. 148, 162). God's heart within us and the fulfillment of His promises allow us to forgive those who disappointed us on a greater level.  When we expect people, not God, to fulfill promises only God can fulfill, we must repent and release them to Him.  False expectations can hold us in bondage and cause us to miss God's very best for our lives. May we receive the full measure of God's promises by being obedient to His will.

(the above was sent to me via bbm)

How Great Thou Art

18 May 2011
This song I usually associate with funerals. Only because as I grew up this was a song I was guaranteed to hear at the funeral. However it is such a powerful song and not a funeral song.

Homeless but I have God!!

This story is so amazing and counteracts the stereotype of homeless people. A homeless man finds out that a lady who often helped him out has herself become homeless. He gives her some of the money he received from charitable donations from the public. This pays for a roof over her head for her and her son. Curtis Jackson who has been homeless since 2004 keeps back enough to cover his travel and food. The reporter asks him about his self and he says "... all I have is God .." He intends to help her out as much as he can till she is back on her feet and then he will be ready to bless another life. Isn't that amazing. Watching this pulled at my heart strings. This man has nothing but God. No home no job nothing. However he is always in good spirits because he has God.

My Thoughts

2 May 2011
So the big news today which has managed to quieten down the recent events of the Royal Wedding is that Osama Bin Laden has passed away. He was killed by the American army. 

My thoughts which I shared to my friends on FB

People you cannot celebrate the death of another human being and thank God for it. The humanist can claim this one. Leave God out of it.
Bin Laden was a political rogue who hid behind religion.  I pray for the world. We need peace on this earth.

The times we live in

14 March 2011
As usual when any major event happens in the world my friends send me an ardent of spam emails and now blackberry pin messages which are even more instant. This one caught my attention. Though it is clear from the originator they are trying to make a particular point. Although as believers the Bible gives hints it does not give exact dates and times. So here is the chapter and verse taken from the King James Version:

10Then said he unto them, Nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom:
 11And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven.

What caught my eye was the part about earthquakes in divers places. Only because many of the earthquakes which led to Tsunami's took place out in the ocean. It is so sad what has happened to the people of Japan and not forgetting the Boxing day events back in 2004. Also the famines which correct me if I am wrong but during my childhood in the 80s and 90s there were huge famines in the world. 

Now earlier I mentioned the person composing the messages has some form of bias as it only noted events which took place on the 11th day of the month, NY, Haiti, Japan.  It then followed by the above Bible quote. I read more of that Bible chapter and although it does not make pleasant reading it puts things into perspective. I won't make any assumptions as I am not studying theology as yet but it does make you think.

I pray for each and every person who is suffering in the world today through natural disasters or personal strife in their life. I pray Jesus sends help your way. 

Jesus the living word

30 January 2011
This song was sung during Praise and Worship at church today. This version in the video below is sung by Fred Hammond.

Woman gives birth in Church

26 January 2011
I saw this video and thought it was very interesting. The lady in the video had come to church after doctors had told her her baby had breathing problems in the womb due to her being sick and also baby was turned the wrong way. The baby was not moving. She gave birth in church to a healthy baby boy.

What are your thoughts?

Into the new year

2 January 2011
I hope the start of the New Year has been well. I went to church New Years eve so that I would start and end the year with God. It was an ok service with many guest performances and also a skit about bad habits being kicked into check by heart and conscience. 

Apostle was true to form in delivering a message that was not filled with any new years cliche´s. He said that we should not expect 2011 to be smooth sailing. God may not want you to experience storms but He loves to use them to bring you out on the better side. As the saying goes - if God is for me than no man or weapon shall be against me. God is very progressive and believers are always challenged. These challenges help the believer get to the next level of faith. 

During service the book of Luke was mentioned and a particular story about a young religious ruler who had a question for Jesus. Although being religious and doing everything he was supposed to do he wanted to know how could he get eternal life. Something was lacking. In order to get something, you must give up something. You cannot just want eternal life without sacrificing something for it. an example would be an alcoholic needs to give up alcohol, or whatever it maybe.

The service ended with this note:

It is very important what you hear. You must respond to what you hear. If the blind man did not get up and go to the water as told too he would have still been sat down in is predicament  and would not have realised his destiny.