Study Bibles

7 December 2011

I have always wanted a decent study Bible. One that could help me a get a deeper meaning of what is being read. I already owned the TD Jakes Woman Thou Art Loosed edition of the BIble. It is filled with study bits and what it calls pearls of wisdom. Though compared to my Amplified Bible it does not give the extra's I needed. Having said that my friend reads the copy I bought her everyday.

So I finally took a trip t Wesley Owen Book store and bought myself a brand new study Bible. The lovely assistant helped me choose and showed me many of the study Bible's on offer. I ended up buying the Life Application study Bible New Kings James Version (NKJV).  The beginning has a family tree section so you could add your family history I guess to pass the Bible on through generations. Then it has a chronology of Bible and world events. This is followed by the books of the Bible. Under each page is a footnote with detailed explanation for the verses above. These are quite easy to follow. 

At the back of the book is a 365 day reading plan, abbreviations to index notes, index notes, dictionary and colour maps. So I think I have definitely bought a good study Bible. I need to use this more and more each day. To further my studies I wish to attend my church's Bible study class. This is provinh difficult because of the time and lack of support at home. However my sis in law who this year has become a regular church attendee wants to attend to so we will see what we can plan so we both can go.

Do you use a study Bible if so which one? I chose to stick with King James because its the text I was brought up on and find easier to understand. NKJV does not read too different from KJV for me.

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