Midnight Oil Summit - Review

4 August 2013

I went to the Midnight Oil Summit 2013 which was held in Birmingham at the Symphony Hall and Conservatoire. Across the weekend there was much to do and learn from the speakers. I was even inspired by many of those clearly younger than me who were so full of worship and praise for the Lord.

I reached Birmingham a few hours after the school run as this time around my children came along. I so enjoyed the main event Friday evening. The choir was amazing. I even enjoyed the preaching by Pastor Mark Liburd (Ruach) who ministered using the backdrop of a film called In Time. I was so intrigued by this story that I had to buy the film. It just puts things in perspective. We definitely do not know how much time we have here on earth.

The saturday had an overcast to it. A hate group who under the disguise of keeping Britain pure were marching that same day. I was concerned more for my kids as at their age to experience such hate would have been awful. I skipped Prayer Plus and opted for Woven which started later. Once out of the hotel police where everywhere and the bins were covered in plastic bags and taped up. We passed a group of protestors on our way to the conservatoire who were at the pub next to our hotel. I felt tense passing by but thank God I was walking in a nice size group. It saddened me to see how young some  of the people were. To think they have been taught to hate so young. 

Anyway inside the conservatoire was a nice atmosphere. I found myself sat with the youngest people in my group again. Which was fun. Young people are on fire for Jesus. It was supposed to be a Q&A session but when the Lord wants a session to take a different direction it is best to obey. So Woven turned into an extended praise and worship and people were moved. I love when that happens. We did get a snippet of preaching from Sonia Hogg at the end. 

My plan was to go back to the hotel and skip The Bakery event so I could feed my kids and chill out for a bit before the live recording at symphony hall. However as the protestors were in full swing of their activities and other anti protest groups the police told us we had to stay put. So it was like we had a lock in. So I stayed for The Bakery and afterwards time was filled with praise and worship. We also were able to reflect on those on the outside filled with so much hate. We prayed for them and the police and the city of Birmingham. 

Once able to leave we headed over to the Symphony hall along a route to avoid any protest stragglers. I quickly got a bite to eat and than sat down and enjoyed the music. Did I say sat down. I was actually stood up for the most part. Some of the songs were written by the event organiser Seth Pinnock. Midnight Oil Summit has been is vision from a young age and is now 7 years old. The live concert was streamed on OHTv and there will be a cd in 2014. I really enjoyed the live concert and the songs. Overall an amazing event. There is definitely a strong youth following but has an appeal to older people too. On Youtube if you type in Midnight Oil Summit 2013 you can see may videos uploaded from the night.

One more thing. Videos of charity Compassion UK were shown. My oldest son who is 7 (almost 8) was moved by a child who was happy going to church as no one hits him there. He now wants to sponsor a child and as a family we will thin of ways to ensure we can do so with ease. 

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