Book Review | Prayers That Move Mountains by John Eckhardt

7 June 2013
I have managed to accumulate quite a few books from conferences and free offerings from various ebook platforms. I managed to get Prayers that Move Mountains by John Eckhardt free from Google Play when it was on promotion. It's tagline says : power prayers that bring answers from heaven.

Now I had not heard of Eckhardt before. He is an Apostle and overseer of Crusaders Church in Chicago, USA. His website describes him as an apostolic reformer. I checked what the paid for price was for this book and decided it was worth its freeness. Plus I have a longing desire to improve my prayer life. I have read the Bible yet still long for that intimate prayer life with my Lord. I often listen in awe of those who once they start to pray they speak so eloquently and magnificently. The way the words flow out of their mouths is like poetry to me. Those who have known me for years know me as a poet. Yes poetry and words were my life. 

The book begins with some questions for you to consider such as: what mountains are you facing? It then moves onto declarations faith. There are 7 sections. Each discuss a different prayer focus. 

1. The Prayer of Faith
2. The Prayer of the Righteous
3.The Persistant Prayer
4. The Prayer of a Contrite Heart 
5. The Prayer of the Destitute
6. Midnight an Midday Prayer
7. Prayer and Fasting.

For every section you get a Biblical explanation related back to scripture. This is then followed by prayers that you can learn again linked with scripture. So you are shown how to use the Word to pray accordingly. My friend had a look at the chapter I was on at the time and she found the few pages that she read amazing. 

I have read other books on prayer but I do feel this one really teaches me a few things. I have enjoyed this book thoroughly. Now I have probably 50 more to get through. If you know of any good books please leave a comment below. 

Stay Blessed!


Anonymous said...

I've only just heard of this pastor as well and hoping to get this book soon. Thanks.

Laverne SoFrolushes said...

@ Anonymous. No Problem. You will definitely enjoy reading this book