Briana Babineaux | Keys To My Heart Review

2 April 2016

Briana Babineaux has gone from being the young girl singing her heart out to gospel songs shared on youtube to a singer with a record deal. Still praising God in her music.

The album starts off with an intro highlighting how she became known. The millions of views her renditions acquired some of them she is accompanied by equally amazing singers in their own right.

The albums first single is " I'll Be The One" which sings about giving of ones life to service and standing in the gap, giving your all to God. Kind of like a self declaration, a commitment of faith and fellowship with God.

My favourite song on the album is "Love You Forever".  This is a song about loving God regardless of your situations. Declaring that the Lord deserves your all. Something about this song just gets my spirit in the mood to get my praise on. Its such a mellow song too. I have had this one on repeat daly since buying the album. Another song to highlight is Bri's very own version of the gospel classic "Holy Spirit".

Overall this is a lovely debut that showcases her vocal talents very well. I do love seeing her impromptu videos on youtube where she belts out songs. A truly anointed singer with an album worthy of a purchase. 

So do purchase the album which is available on iTunes, Amazon mp3 and where digital music is sold.

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