chronological reading

14 November 2006
I was just browsing as I normally do on the world wide web. Whenever I type in google 'Bible' and shows up. I normally use the latter site as a means of onlime resource. I decided to explore the 1st site.

I am grateful to God that I did do this. For one I am now reading the Bible chronologically.

So far i have covered creation and the fall of man. I have just completed the story of Job.

I found Job's story quite powerful. It made my sleep quite stirring and restless. It made me think that when there is nothing left but my spirit I am still able to talk to God. Because of the earth is our flesh, but of spirit is our soul and ultimate being. Spirit to spirit

I will explore these themes in more detail later, just ensuring you see where i am with my reading verse. Moses is next in the reading plan

Stay blessed!

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