It Is Well

15 July 2008
Here is another email...This one I quite enjoyed reading
It Is Well!This week, God is encouraging you, His son and you His daughter with these simple words - IT IS WELL!!!
God is pleased with your offering,
Pleased with what you have done in and for His name,
For the support, the encouragement, the sacrifice of time and energy that you've poured into so many even when you thought it had gone unnoticed,
Heaven heard your heart,
Though the journey has not always been easy,
We can still give thanks to the Father for never leaving us, nor forsaking us, for IT IS WELL!!!
Well means: Pleasing, healthy, in a good way, favourable
So, today let's take a moment to thank God for being well, in health, in strength, for families, friends and neighbours.
Amidst the busyness of our lives
Amongst the pressures of our projects, mandates and assignments
In spite of our downfalls, successes or our failures
Despite the fact that we have much left to achieve in anticipation of His coming
On this day, at this time
God has assigned it for praise, a time to give thanks,
You see, some of us may not be where we want to be
Doing what we know we've been called to do
But right where you are
I believe the Father is saying
Thus far, sons, daughters, IT IS WELL!
Though the vision may tarry, wait for it,
For what is done in my name shall surely come to pass!!!
What the Father said He would do, He will do!
Be encouraged friends,

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