Christmas Carol service

23 December 2008
Aww what an honor it was to be asked to participate in the Christmas carol service at my church. My friend told her other half that I write poems which I do. But have not written for awhile. So to start off with it took me a moment or two, to get my poetry in motion.

At first I was stuck on the concept of tying my thoughts with the Billie Holliday song "God bless the child". It felt strange and I could not understand why. So I naturally tried to talk myself out of taking part. Excuses no babysitter etc. Silly me. Christmas service is something to bring the little ones too. Its church but different to the usual praise and worship followed by prayers and sermon format. It is a night out.

So in a slight panic I reached out to my good friends Tan who spoke encouraging words and gave me feedback. After that call I turned that poem around. I removed the song bit and tied it in two the mood of the season and what Christmas is truly about.

The poem was well recieved. The points where well made. It turned out to be thought provoking. So much emphasis is placed on gifts material things etc. I can honestly say I cannot see the strong signs of Christmas like you got a few years ago. The christmas trees and their sparklies are there. One area where I live there are a few Christmas decorations but it is mainly diwalli. mmmm. no comment.

Well anyway I got my wish. I wanted to get more involved with church and what a way too. I even sang in the finale not by myself though.

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