You are alive but you are dead

5 September 2010
I managed to attend one evening session of my church's conference. It was held over 5 days. Below are the notes that I took. I should have typed these up the very next day so I do hope you still take away what I learned that day and things to ponder.

The speaker was called Dr Kervin J Smith and I had never heard of him before but wow he had some powerful things to say and remind people about. The focus of the session was around Revelations 3 verses 1-6. 

"I know your works, that you have a name that you are alive, but you are dead"

When that part was being read I did not quite understand what was being read out until I listened to the whole service. Well rather when I got home and re-read those verses. 

So basically he said that one of the most dangerous places to find yourself in is yesterday. Staying in your past stops you getting into the future. Think about it. How many times do you sit and think about the "what ifs" ?What if  are the things  that plague you. These things can be from your past or things you wanted to do but have yet to do and keep you in that state of thought. What if I did this or that instead of this. When you settle for mediocrity you accepting what is average and stopping yourself from reaching excellence. 

He went onto say that before you can get to the glory, you got to allow God to kill you first. I take it that he meant that there needs to spiritual birth from deep within our souls lead by God. A new you a better you. The holy spirit is needed by all. 

Why does the church has an identity crisis

There are seven attributes of God (7 spirits of God)
1 - Lord , 2 - Wisdom , 3-Understanding, 4- Knowledge, 5-Council, 6-Mind, 7 - Fear of the Lord 

The church has been inundated with celebrity. Celebrity church TV and more. Some people only want to listen to the favourite pastor on TV yet the person they do not want or side steps may be the person to give the most powerful sermon or testimony you ever heard. So the church and church folk should not get blinded by celebrity.

The church at large is in a mess. People have forgotten the local church. The church that is involved in its local community and not just about getting the most people to attend the sunday service. So the church at large has gotten fat and out of shape.

5 key commandments
 1- Wake up - we have been sleeping and need to wake up at what is going on around us. The church is sleeping and does not want to offend people. However the Gospel is the truth and the church should not be afraid to offend anyone. People need to wake up Psychologically, Spiritually and Socially.

2- Strengthen what remains
3- Remember what  God has brought you out of
4- Move in obedience
5 - Repent - until the church at large repents the church will not see the glory.

Key points in service:

There is no glory without a story
God is pulling you out of the pit 
Greatest anointment happens in isolation 
If you want the glory you have to give God you
When God is getting ready to bless you in the season He will not place a classified ad.
In life you will have 12 true friends yet one of them will be a Judas.  
Start thinking Glory

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