Meriam Ibrahim Still Needs Prayer

2 July 2014

Meriam Ibrahim is a Sudanese Christian woman. She was born to a Christian mother and a Muslim father who abandoned his family while Meriam was still very young. She has been raised Christian and is married to Daniel Wani who is also a fellow Sudanese Christian. 

Sudan and South Sudan are now two separate countries which have also ended up religiously divided. The attacks against Christians in the north has increased and Meriams treatment is not surprising. She has been accused of apostasy and her marriage being deemed void so therefore committing adultery. However the courts have dropped the charges. Yet she is still not being allowed to leave Sudan. Her "brother" who is from her father's side who she does not know from what reports say clearly has a vendetta against her. He is now asking the courts to give him authority over her and prevent her from leaving the country as he now wants to dish out some form of honour for his faith.

This is still an ongoing saga. Meriam was forced to give birth in chains with her son next to her. So please keep Meriam and her family in your prayers. The Bible teaches us that prayer changes things. We pray to a living a God who hears us. So let us continually pray for her. 

Sidenote: Meriams case may have become newsworthy but there are many Christians around the world in both developed and developing nations who are suffering for their faith. We need to be active in praying and being as pro-active as we are able or God leads us to be. 

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