No Bibles in Travelodge Rooms

16 August 2014

Travelodge which has a portfolio of 500 hotels has decided to remove all Bibles from every single room. They say that Bibles will be available at reception for those who request it. This move has been noted as a measure to ensure non-Christians are not discriminated against. Other national hotel chains still keep Bibles in rooms. Many of which are provided to them for free by the The Gideon Society

I still have my Gideons Bible I got from school many years ago. I think travelodge has a right to keep whatever they choose in their hotel rooms, however their reasoning is flawed. They should just simply say they do not wish to stock Bibles anymore. All this stuff about discriminating against non-Christians is why in the UK today a tradition such as Christmas lights and the Nativity is being axed under the guise of diversity and multicultural inclusivity by councils and schools. Yet these same people welcome celebrations of other faiths by non-Christians by the same breathe. 

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