Christian School Told To Invite Imam To Lead Assembly

21 October 2014

Christian schools are often some of the best performing schools in the UK. They teach the national curriculum and some hold church based services for assemblies. All schools including Christian ones teach Religious Education as part of the curriculum thus teaching understanding and tolerance to those of all faiths.

The government organisation called Ofsted is the regulator. It has been reported that a very successful Christian school has been told that because they do not invite imams and other faith leaders to do assemblies at the school they face being closed down. That is right. A Christian school is being punished for not having a faith leader from another faith lead school assembly. It makes no sense. 

During the last year there have been some very high profile cases of schools being used to garner extremism amongst other things. The bulk of these schools were muslim or had a large muslim demographic. A few have been closed down due to lack of education being given to the children attending. Now it seems the government has put in a law to prevent such trojan schools as they were referred developing out of control.

So I am still puzzled why they would want to close a school that is doing well and most definitely will be teaching about different faith as part of RE. Apparently school trips to different faith buildings is not enough. We need to pray for these kids and pray the school can continue to teach and offer a good education to its pupils.

In my opinion it would be wrong for a non Christian leader to lead assembly where prayers are involved. Will an Imam pray in the name of Jesus keeping in line with the school's Christian ethos? Do muslim schools have Christian Pastors lead assembly? Let faith schools be faith schools regardless of the faith they belong to. Teaching religious tolerance should not come with a requirement to follow another faith. 

I attended a Christian school as do my kids. I learned about other religions through RE and many friends who were not Christian sharing their faith. Ofsted and the government need to seriously re-consider this one. 

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