Pray For Mother Fagan

21 November 2014
I came across this video on FB and since I am so moved by it I have decided to share it on two of my blogs. Mother Fagan is 83 years old and is out in the heat gathering firewood so that her and her husband can eat some food. Their home dilapidated and the roof has collapsed and no longer has shelter from the rain. Upon speaking she exclaims that the Lord just sent him to her as he donates some funds to keep her going till he can offer more help.

The video description is as follows:

This video will be bring you to tears..This lady cried in my arms...i have been thinking about her so much ever since and im about to take on a major project which is clean up her home and try to give her a bed to sleep on..she needs a bed..her roof is full of rats..when rain falls she sleep on her neighbors porch..she lives with her husband which is 85 and she is and ask how you can Join me in HELPING HER..PLZ SHARE THIS..To donate u can use PAYPAL and find me at jus email me at me @ 1 876 399 0540 or inbox me here for Updates and follow up.
To find out more  contact St Matthew. For updates and to find out more check out his FB page

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