Bishop Iona Locke - Preach

5 January 2015
Photo source : Facebook

As I read Christian blogs I always come across posts about the COGIC church sermons. The Church of God in Christ is known for not holding back the Bible truth in it's sermons. Bishop Iona Locke has indeed preached up a storm and called out church folk on their worldly behaviours that some have allowed to creep into the church. She mentions a lot from the music that is being played in the church to the morals of church members especially of those holding office. So worth a listen.

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Evangelist La'Shea McKinney said...

Wow, I know this was preached many years ago by the apparel of the church. It had to be in 80's or early 90's because the church doesn't even look like the church anymore. When the Woman of God preached this is was a warning and they did not listen. Now, if God doesn't send us a revival many won't make it! Everything is alright according to so many who have fallen from grace.

My pastor still preaches it and yes, I am an Evangelist and I am gonna preach it more now more than ever! What are we handing to our children???? That is the question the Woman of God kept asking!

Lord send Revival and let it begin with me!

Evangelist La'Shea McKinney