Passover 2015

3 April 2015

Passover is often celebrated under the name Easter by many throughout the world. However the correct name of this weekend observance and celebration is only called Passover in the Bible. Or as it is referred to in the Bible "The Lord's Passover".  You can read about the Lord's Passover in Exodus 12.

Passover was initiated to prepare the Jews for the coming of the messiah Jesus. Who would be sacrificed and whose blood shedding would atone humanities sins. It is worth reading both the Passover story and the death and resurrection of Jesus together to see the similarities. I am told this is one of many examples of shadowing in the Bible. 

You will see that Passover ensured that when Israel was set free from Egypt they were ready to leave straight away. They did not have to prepare because they were already prepared by sticking to what God had commanded of them. 

Is it Passover for you or is it Easter? Either way these are definitely days our Lord deserves to be glorified and thanked for His ultimate sacrifice to us.

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