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9 May 2015

There is definitely a new season in reality TV that involves Christianity and her people. This new era was ushered in more so with the Preachers of LA whose franchise now includes Preachers of Detroit. These preacher shows get a lot of critique based more so on the financial abundance and oppulent lifestyles they live. One or two pastors raised an eyebrow or two for being in a relationship for years with no marriage in the foreseeable future.  

Do you remember the other show called the Sisterhood which focused on women that were either Pastors themselves or married to men of God and the different issues they faced. It was pitied to be above the other reality shows but like much of reality TV shows this day there is always a conflict resolution formula that makes everyone look the worst for taking part. An even longer franchise is called Preacher's Daughters. The behaviour of the girls is often less than stellar. 

All of these shows and the ones I have yet to come across face intense scrutiny from both believers and non-believers. Despite the criticism and campaigns they still make it to screen and garner a faithful viewership. Which brings us to Lifetime's latest instalment currently called Preachers. It is about four women prophets or prophetesses and the women they are mentoring. Following them on a mission of praise worship healing prophesy and more. As it is reality TV all the extra dramatics are included.

I have read mixed reviews from people who will not be watching to those who feel it's ok. My thoughts are will people who have no church upbringing or faith walk understand what is being presented to them. When you see someone slain in the spirit will this show explain biblically what is taking place. How about when prophecy takes place will the viewer be shown who the source is etc? 

Non Christians will probably see this as lunacy indeed but have no problem fainting as their latest celebrity crush walks in their presence. My only concern is that it allows voyeurism of the church with no contextual understanding. Switch on to Christian TV networks or have a look around youtube and you will see similar stuff indeed without all the extra made for TV theatrics and commentary. 

I am assuming people see this as a mockery of the church because of the Reality TV genre. Whereas had this been a documentary that gives understanding with some Biblical teaching thrown in many would not be as against it. When I saw the trailer all I could think about was that film Leap of Faith which starred Steve Martin. Now I will admit I do watch the Preachers of LA and Detroit but something about this particular reality show offering seemed to be a bit off. Hopefully the arguing back and forth as displayed in The Sisterhood will not present itself here. I just hope and pray the show is better than the clip. 

In contrast The Sheards is a reality TV show that follows the family life of one of the Clarke sisters and her husband and children. Main star is definitely gospel singer Kiera "KeKe" Sheard who showcases her talent and focuses on her music. Her brother however faces different challenges. This show has been deemed ok but I suppose it comes from a different vein. It has not been about showing up the church or presenting the church in a negative way.

Does church business belong in reality TV or any TV for that matter? What are your thoughts to thus surge in Christian based reality TV shows.

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