Police Officer Suspended for Prayer

12 May 2016

A West Midlands Deputy Police Commissioner was suspended for offering to pray for a family. 

18year old Kenechi Phillips was shot dead as he sat in a car in Birmingham. Yvonne Mosquito asked the family to join her in prayer. Apparently the family have said this has caused them distress. As a result the police commissioner after a period of suspension will now leave her role. It has been mentioned her visit to the family may have interrupted the investigation but clearly prayers have been used as a factor in the decision making.

Is it okay to pray for others despite your job role? The Queen and David Cameron have both stated this is a Christian country founded on Christian principles but is prayer really a threat? Or is this simply bad timing or maybe her job title meant the family could not receive the sincerity in the offer of prayer.

Who knew that prayers cause distress.

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