Who Gives You Life?

17 July 2016

Do you ever find that there are common sayings that just does not sit well with your soul. Especially if like me you are a person who thinks about the choice of words used in conversation or in anything. That over thinking over analytical mind does wonders. Yet you could just simply be aware of the power of your words and how everything you say can impact your life.

For instance the term : "(blank) gives me life"

Over the last couple of years this term has becoming really popular amongst many. The urban dictionary top definition describes its meaning as 

Anything that you get excited or pumped about; anything that makes you laugh e.g. "Honey that dress you got on is giving me life!"
It's probably something I would have been more than happy to say it few years ago. Yet when I began hearing this phrase used to describe joy I had to ask myself well, who gives me life? Can someone give me life from their outfit to what they say. Could I possibly attribute my life to someone other than God. Its what I feel get stirred up in my soul when I ponder the term.

1 Thessalonians 5:10 states that Christ ... died for us, that whether we wake or sleep we should live together with Him.  Yes he died so that we may have life. 

In Genesis 2:7  God breathed into Adam's nostrils he became a living being. So nothing but God can give you life. For some it may not be all that deep but for those who understand breath and spirit and the power of words it really is that deep. 

God deserves all the glory and all the praise. On He alone gives life. 

God gives me life and I am thankful.

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