Theresa May| Christians Should Have No Fear

2 December 2016

UK Prime Minister Theresa May during Prime Minister Questions was asked about the rights of Christians in the UK.

A report by the Equalities and Human Rights commission stated that employers were anxious when it came to Christmas for fear of being deemed offensive by others. Theresa May responded that Christians should be able to speak freely in public and at work about their faith without fear.

This is good to hear as although the UK has a very strong Christian background, much has been done to attack those who exercise their faith. There have been court cases, disciplinary meetings where Christians have lost their jobs, prevented from fostering for merely mentioning what their faith says when asked about it. It's December and the Christmas countdown has begun. Yet you will have some difficulty finding a Christmas card in the shops that pertain to the meaning of the Christian holiday.

Christianity is not something to fear it should be embraced. The laws of this and many lands are based on the Bible in principle.

Well done to Theresa May for letting it be known that religious freedom and rights belong to Christians too.

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