God in my dreams

19 October 2010
I have some weird and interesting dreams. I do have some that gets me thinking or I just cannot help but dwell on for ages. The one  am going to share with you  asked my god friends about it. She walks in faith has been born again and knows her God. This is a dream that I had not long ago. I woke up as this dream was ending and this is what I remember. 

I was in the church that I attend sat in more or less my usual place. On the left near the radiator in the middle of the rows. Praise and worship was taking place at this time but it was not the start of the service. As I get up out of my seat I feel as though I am falling back. As I am falling I could sense people moving towards me, but I could not see who they were. So as I continue to fall I hear people clapping. 

I do not actually feel myself hit the floor. It was as though someone held me in my fall. When I wake in my dream I am stood up rubbing my eyes. My feet are a bit unsteady. So I am leaning trying to catch my balance. Just as I am trying to get my barings my dream ends as I wake up for real.

My friend interpreted my dream as follows:

Ok to me it sounds like God is letting you feel his presence and HE is telling you that the more you praise and worship Him, the more intense He will be with you. Falling may mean loss of support not being able to carry yourself but the clapping means what ever trial you may face God is gonna pull you out and you will be able to stand firm. Although it may be hard. I would encourage u to keep on praising God through any circumstance.

Wow is all I can say. I do not often share my dreams, but during the times where I need clarity it does not hurt to ask someone sometime. What my friend said does make a whole lot of sense to me. Right now I feel like I am facing so many struggles in my life. I just got to keep the faith. I just got to keep going and God will make everything alright. 

Please feel free to leave a comment or share this post to someone who walks in faith. It would be interesting to see what they say too.

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