Help when you least expect

1 November 2010
This may seem like such a small thing but help is always welcomed. I was in my hometown London for a few days over the half term. Having chosen to spend a few hours in Oxford Circus than head to the museums my friend chose the Underground as our mode of travel. I have a strong dis-like of the Underground. It is hot sweaty stuffy and over packed of people. It just does not suit me at all, especially with kids in tow one in a pushchair for long journeys.

So I was thinking. The whole underground journey was quite awful for me. The stairs were never ending and the escalators seem to have no end. However at every step and even on the escalators both in and outside the Tube I was greeted by complete strangers who offered their hand of help. In London you often see women with their buggies making do with the inaccessibility the Tube offers and not always getting help. So I can only say that God knew I was going to need a helping hand and sent me some Angels that day. 

I am thankful.

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