Jesus Statues

7 November 2010
For years I have wondered why Europeans insisted on depicting Christ as a white man with blond hair and blue eyes. Yet these modern day artists never lived in the days of Christ and nor do they live where he lived. I remember growing up and being told by my mother that we should not try to recreate what is in heaven on Earth. Poland has just revealed their Jesus statue, there is one in Brazil and one in Bolivia. 

When reading the Bible I do not see the images of Christ as the statues proclaim. I do not get much description about his physical appearance only where he was born and to whom his family was. Could it be said that the pictures and statues have a political agenda that has no relation to Christianity or God. I have heard people get really upset at depictions of Christ as a black man with locs. Oh the irony. God made us in HIS image. Yet year after year people are making Christ in their own image. 

Does it matter what Christ looked like or should it matter? Are these statues idols as opposed to Jesus tributes? 

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