Kierra Sheard | Who Are You Following?

24 June 2014

Kierra Sheard delivered a very powerful and important message in a sermon called 

"Who Are You Following?"

So who are you following?
Are you following your own wants and your own desires? Are you following what your family and friends encourage you to do? Are you following the purpose that they have for your life or are you following and allowing God to reveal His purpose for your life to you. (Kierra Sheard) 
This sermon is yet more confirmation for me on what God has been telling me and showing me. It is all about Jesus and the plans He has for me and not what others believe that to be. How about you? Are you following Christ  or what others say instead. Enter into a relationship with Him so that opinions do not stir you off the course God has for you. Also be prepared to deny yourself and put God first. Read your Bible and pray without ceasing.

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