Michelle Williams | Say Yes

14 June 2014

Michelle Williams new single Say Yes was leaked before the official release. Many fans of her former group Destiny's Child were hyperventilating at the prospect of the girls (Michelle, Beyonce and Kelly Rowland) being reunited on a track and in a video together. I noticed that many so called DC fans and those who are not Christian or believe in Jesus felt the need to express their dismay at the songs topic. Imagine being upset that a gospel artist is singing a traditional song about Jesus.

With that all being said. Michelle Williams explained that Say Yes is a traditional Nigerian gospel song. The producer of the song Harmony Samuels who is also Nigerian suggested the song to her.

Michelle has released a lyric video  to coincide with the songs release, whilst we eagerly await the official video.  You can find the song in its original traditional style on youtube. Michelle and co have definitely kept the original feel of the song. I can definitely see this song being sung during Praise and Worship at many churches outside of Nigeria now. It is such an infectious and uplifting song. You just cannot help singing along to it. It is doing very well on the Billboard Gospel charts. Could this be the be the new Jesus anthem sung not only in churches but in the clubs too. It has been a long time since Jesus Walks by Kanye West had crowds going crazy. With Say Yes however it is a song rooted in the gospel of Christ and I expect great things for it the blessings it brings to those who listen to it.

It is such an affirmation to sing. When Jesus says yes nobody can say no! 

Check out the lyric video below. 

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