Lay Saw Gives Her Life to Christ

15 December 2015
Lady Saw is one of the most well know Dancehall artists around. She is known for her raw and often slack lyrics. From discussing being a glorified concubine to what she gets up to in the bedroom. Upon attending the funeral of fellow artist J. Capri, Lady Saw aka Marion Hall said she heard God speak to her and would be cancelling her upcoming shows. She has decided to take up her cross and follow Jesus. Shortly after a video emerged on her Instagram showing her being baptised.

Many naysayers have come forth saying they have heard this before. However we who are in Christ must remember who God calls, He calls. Many saints fall and get back up. Folk do not know the type of work the Holy Spirit has been doing in her life. Let us celebrate her as a fellow sister in Christ. After all God knows her heart. 

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