My Favourite Bible Apps

1 December 2015
Bible Apps

These the current Bible apps on my phone. I also have on or two more on my tablet.
Starting from left to right and top to bottom: Holy Bible KJV by Tecarta, Bible Study by Olive Tree, Bible Gateway, ESV Bible by Crossway, Got Questions, Bible by YouVersion, Abide Prayer app and In Touch Ministries.

Of all of these the Bible App by YouVersion is my favourite. It gives me access to many translations plus reading plans. I can pick from a few days to a whole year. It is through this app that I was able to read the whole Bible in 90 days. Of course you can choose the yearly plan. Bookmarking is easy and if you register your own account you can follow friends and see how they use the app for reading plans and bookmarking. There is the option to not  share activities with friends. Some of the Bible versions come with full audio. Which you can use with your reading plans or to simply listen to the Word as you go about your day. 

As it is December many of the Christmas reading plans are being highlighted. So I am doing a 25 day reading plan called Joy to Your World! A countdown to Christmas. It gives me some reading alongside scripture reading(s). I quite like the reading plans as there are so much to chose from on various topics.

Bible App - YouVersion

The Bible Study App by Olive Tree is mainly used on my laptop. I have it on my phone as well and I am able to sync my learning materials across devices. You get the KJV Bible free and then are able to buy other Bibles ( some are free). However they always have offers on. I have 6 Bible translations which have been all free. It also gives me access to dictionaries maps and commentaries. Plus a whole host of other resources for free and to buy. This app also comes with reading plans.

Got Questions was suggested to me by a relative. Its a resource to go for Biblical questions on various topics. It has proven to be a useful app for when I want to expand on topics or simply explore them further. There are times I have read answers where I thought mmm not sure if I agree but that is what discernment is for right and the need to do always do a bit more research on your own.

Holy Bible KJV by Tecarta is very simple and easy to use. I occasionally use this when in church if not using my fave app. Once downloaded can read offline. 

ESV Bible app offers the full English Standard Version in an app that is accessible whether connected to the internet or not. You do not get any reading plans with this app. Though navigations is straight forward and rather easy.

Bible Gateway is an amazing resource. I often visit the website so do not use the app as much. Yet Bible Gateway gives you many translations and not just in english. There are reading plans and audio options. 

I can't remember how I came across the Abide Prayer app but I do like the concept. You can listen to prayers. There are options to be guided into prayer and meditation of the Word of God.

The last app on my phone is In Touch Ministries app. My friend suggested this one to me. SO that I could listen to sermons on the go. There are also daily devotionals, a section on God's promises and much more. I aim to use this one more often.

I hope this gives you an idea of useful apps worth considering for your mobile device and that they will bless you the way they have blessed me.

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