Blessed Happy New Year 2007

1 January 2007
For the first time in my life i saw in new years day in church. It was wonderful. Church was full pact of life and the spirit of the Lord was truly present. What better way to spend it. Years gone by i used to just go out get drunk and think about stuff. Of course i havent done so in a while as I have my son.

One lady spoke of forgetting the problems of 2006. 2007 will be ushering in a new phase a new era.

I thank Jesus for getting me here. I know my faith has been weak and waivering at times....but He has kept me near. Kept me going.

I am very cautious at times because I would like ot think that I can reach out to God in good times and in Bad. Need to develop that relationship a bit more but i am getting there.

I'm still reading the Bible via a chronoligical reading plan. Soon I hope I will be able to attend Bible study. Because i need that deeper understanding

My Bible collection has now grown. A free raffle at church with a pop quiz...i was given the answer by the congregation, thankfully. Its the New century Version. I have never come across this version. Read slightly like the Good News version. I guess with all these Bibles and verses I will need to do some cross referencing.

Its funny that my number was called in church. Me and my friend were pondering if one of ours would be. I actually had a mini conversation with my Lord and said "i prefer not to be called because there are questions etc etc..." I guess he felt differently.

I can only take it as God is trying to tell me something. He does listen and He does hear me. Now i need to move on over to the next level

I pray that everyone in the world is blessed in 2007. That we start to fulfill our purpose in life. With Jesus everything is possible I truly believe this.

Stay blessed!!