my church attendance

11 March 2007
I dont feel that this means that my attendance at church is slacking or that I am moving the wrong direction. I just feel that although a good church too many changes have taken place that have made it a bit of a yawn going.

Now i have a 18 month old who is very lively and active. When at church he makes occasional noise etc. I cant afford to pay so much money in travelling cost to go church only to miss most of the service. There is nothing to cater for babies so what else can i do. I love church but didnt go today simply because i noticed that a female camera person was tutting when my son was making noise.

These days I always notice the stewards jumping down parents neck or interfering. It may be church but I am not going to leave my child with anyone.

One lady did suggest a creche with parents rotating to take part

Ok so I am venting but i have no choice. When he is older it wont be a problem as his understanding of sit down quietly will be already learned

I must contact pastor and see if there is a way i can have church at home for weeks when i dont go or just see if I have taken this wrongly

Praying for a stronger faith