I attended KICC

25 January 2010

I attended KICC in East London this past Sunday. It is one of the biggest churches in England and in Europe. They now have 12,000 church attendees every Sunday. As some may know they had to leave their huge church due to the London Olympics and compulsory purchase orders placed on their land and buildings . I am told their current location is only temporary.

Just reading the Sunday bulletin that you are given as you enter the building I am amazed at the amount of services they have. The church holds Sunday services at 7am, 9.30am, 1130am and 1pm. Youth services are held from 4.30pm -6.30pm and the evening service commences at 7pm. That is a lot of worship.

We made it to the 9.30am service and the sermon was about reaching for a higher dimension. Pastor Ashimolowo further expressed that we need to ensure we are not limited by our flesh. I wish I had taken notes of this service. There was so much more discussed.

I liked the fact that there were plenty of young children in attendance. Their noises did not take from the service and let me tell you, It was a very lively service that I thoroughly enjoyed.
Adjacent to the church is the KICC book shop. It is filled with titles from various authors including some of the most popular names. I was pleased to buy What is wrong with being Black" by Matthew Ashimolowo. I have wanted a copy of this book since I saw his series on Black history. I also bought The Winning Women - Habits of a successful Woman by Yemisi Ashimolowo. My friend mentioned this book and I thought I would buy it too. I am reading other books at the moment too so once they are complete I will update
Next time I am in East London I hope to attend KICC again.

For more info on KICC please click here

.com and hopefully changes will come

7 January 2010
I bought .com name for my final blog. This time I bought it through google just to simplify the process. I am hoping to update this blog which has been somewhat neglected.

I am still praying and yearning for that spiritual connection. Even more so keener now that my friend got baptised recently and she understood me. So fingers crossed it could be this year. Who knows.

As for this blog I will begin to reflect on my spirituality more often. I am also keen to find out what would make you read this blog more often or even refer it to a friend. Are there any blogs out there that I should be checking out? Please let me know.