Baptism services

19 July 2010
I attended a Baptism service at church yesterday. It was so amazing. My friend who has been a Christian for a few years now finally decided to take the next big step in his faith. He nearly died 6 weeks ago and when he was giving his testimony at church he was choked up in tears. God has definitely blessed him with a good family support network. His family starting with his wife joined him at the altar as his chosen song by Marvin Sapp played in the background called "Never Would have made it".

I could tell that not just him alone but his whole family has been blessed by God. Jesus has truly got them in hand and in spirit. I pray this is the start of the next chapter of his life in Christ.

I had a conversation with another friend of mind about the morning events. She told me amongst other stuff she thought that I was ready to be baptised myself.  I am not too surprised by this as many people do tell me this all the time. It is just I do not see it myself. I would definitely have to concur one of my fears of having my head under water. I cannot swim and the thought of being dipped in water no matter how controlled does put a little fear in me. Just know that when I do my fear would have been concurred or met head on with Jesus by my side. One thing for sure I am going to start attending Bible study soon. Even if I have to start doing a distance learning course like I used to do it will be something a start.

Key points in service :

Apostle noted that Baptism comes from the Greek word  Baptizo which means to immerse in water. Some churches simply splash water on the forehead but that is not the example Jesus set. He Himself was baptised by being submerged in water.

Baptism can occur from the moment you choose to follow and begin following Christ. It is a testament of faith.

During praise and worship at start of service we sang Revelation song and let me tell you this. It gave me chills. I could feel the hairs on my arms and elsewhere standing. It just speaks to me in some way and I cannot explain it. I have included a video below.
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