A Moment of Reflection

21 March 2016
Artist  - Henry Battle

I am just sat down in the quietness of my home as the kids are in bed and thinking about a few things. Well many things. Though one thing that came to my mind was that a few years ago I belonged to a very diverse group of friends. Many of whom since 2012 (my Baptism year) have dedicated their lives to Christ. Yet when I look around me now at the friendships that once was many have faltered or the dimensions have changed. Some for the good some for well that is to be seen.

Friendships of late I find perplexing. In fact any type of relationship really. This is even more after receiving a prophetic word. As an over thinker it boggles my mind at times but I feel that is only because I won't just accept a few things knowing that in my heart the way things are, are how they are supposed to be. Every time I think to myself does God have his hand in all of this I am brought back to the word I was given about relationships. Somehow I feel there is more changes to take place. 

I get these nostalgic moments when one person would feel for an impromptu prayer meeting. We would all meet up and pray the house down. Even those who did not feel like they were prayer warriors they would be encouraged to keep at it. We set a goal we were focused. We were well lit for Christ in that moment and beyond. Whoever was feeling weak was showered with love etc. I appreciate those moments for what it taught me. Unity in Christ is powerful.

Another moment is praying in the rain. Three friends and myself, after attending a prayer meeting type situation at church. We were talking about a few things, prayer being one of them. We ended up praying out in the rain in the car park. That rain came down on us like it was joining in the prayer session along with us. It was an experience that opened my eyes to a few things. You know when people are praying for you, their words impact you. My Pastor always emphasises how powerful words are indeed.

Up until that moment I always thought I had fully swung open arms when embracing my Lord. Yet clearly this event and breaking down at a friends house showed me I often hold back. Its the scars of life that cause me to hold back hold on. Feel like I need to keep myself together no matter what happens. All of this being so deep rooted in my heart, my mind, my conscious its hard to decipher and work on. However God has shown me I can let go and let Him take charge. 

I still feel I have a whole lot of growth in this area. Pray for me! When it comes to letting go and letting God I got to rinse and repeat until it sticks to me differently.