Jesus the living word

30 January 2011
This song was sung during Praise and Worship at church today. This version in the video below is sung by Fred Hammond.

Woman gives birth in Church

26 January 2011
I saw this video and thought it was very interesting. The lady in the video had come to church after doctors had told her her baby had breathing problems in the womb due to her being sick and also baby was turned the wrong way. The baby was not moving. She gave birth in church to a healthy baby boy.

What are your thoughts?

Into the new year

2 January 2011
I hope the start of the New Year has been well. I went to church New Years eve so that I would start and end the year with God. It was an ok service with many guest performances and also a skit about bad habits being kicked into check by heart and conscience. 

Apostle was true to form in delivering a message that was not filled with any new years cliche´s. He said that we should not expect 2011 to be smooth sailing. God may not want you to experience storms but He loves to use them to bring you out on the better side. As the saying goes - if God is for me than no man or weapon shall be against me. God is very progressive and believers are always challenged. These challenges help the believer get to the next level of faith. 

During service the book of Luke was mentioned and a particular story about a young religious ruler who had a question for Jesus. Although being religious and doing everything he was supposed to do he wanted to know how could he get eternal life. Something was lacking. In order to get something, you must give up something. You cannot just want eternal life without sacrificing something for it. an example would be an alcoholic needs to give up alcohol, or whatever it maybe.

The service ended with this note:

It is very important what you hear. You must respond to what you hear. If the blind man did not get up and go to the water as told too he would have still been sat down in is predicament  and would not have realised his destiny.