Palm Sunday

28 March 2021


Happy Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday begins Holy Week in the Christian calendar. It is the Sunday before Passover / Easter.

It commemorates the day when Jesus rode triumphantly into the Jerusalem and was greeted with chants of Hosanna Hosanna to the King. As people waved palm leaves and laid them in his path as he rode by.

Read more about Palm Sunday in the below scriptures:

Matthew 21:1-9 

Mark 11:1–10

Luke 19:28–40

John 12:12–19

Witholding Nothing

21 February 2021


This is such an amazing song.

Whilst watching church online today I just started singing it and thought I need to listen to the words some more and sing it and exalt my Lord.

What do you do when you feel a song in your heart that you cannot help but sing

The lyrics say

I surrender all to you
Everything I give to you
Witholding nothing
Witholding nothing

Maybe God wants me to surrender more of myself in this moment and that is what I plan to do. Witholding Nothing.