Do not be discouraged

5 June 2011
Last week I was browsing my favourite video site for makeup tutorials. I was partly doing research and just exploring. I came across a YouTuber called BronzeGoddess01 whose latest video was called - Motivation: "What About Me?"/Don't bother the Master. She touches on your wants and desires in your prayers. for example she uses wanting a house or a baby and someone else comes along and gets what you want. Some people would give up on their dreams thinking that their dream has died. However your dreams are not dead. Some people will tell you to stop bothering God, when God never told you your dream was dead. Definitely watch this video and  believe that there is a blessing in there for you. I have shared this with some of my friends and they too have been blessed by this message. So please do not be discouraged. I know I need to take heed to this. I was definitely moved by this.

One more thing. The Bible story mentioned is about Jairus' daughter and occurs around the same time as the more famous story about the lady with the issue of blood (Mark 5:21-43). You can read a more in depth commentary about 
Jairus' daughter on

Perseverance in Obedience

2 June 2011
Perseverance in obedience is the key to receiving the promises of God.  And when we get off track, repentance is key. In Psalm 119, we see that God gives us hope through His promises (vs. 49).  He preserves our lives through His promises (vs. 50).  He supplies us with grace according to His promises (vs. 58).  And we are to meditate on and rejoice in His promises (vs. 148, 162). God's heart within us and the fulfillment of His promises allow us to forgive those who disappointed us on a greater level.  When we expect people, not God, to fulfill promises only God can fulfill, we must repent and release them to Him.  False expectations can hold us in bondage and cause us to miss God's very best for our lives. May we receive the full measure of God's promises by being obedient to His will.

(the above was sent to me via bbm)