Own Your Own Happiness | TD Jakes

23 April 2015

Bishop TD Jakes appeared on the Steve Harvey show and shared his thoughts on happiness. He stressed the importance of choosing to be happy and enjoying the journey whilst making time to enjoy life. Watch the video and be inspired. 

Sugar Coated Preaching

16 April 2015
I came across the below pic on my FB timeline and thought I had to share it. The other week my Pastor mentioned that there was a certain undertone creeping into the church. Let us stick to the Bible truth and not change it according to what the world wants to hear. You can still show your neighbour love whilst remaining faithful to the word of God.

(3)For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers; (4)and they will turn their ears away from the truth, and be turned aside to fables (NKJV)

Michelle Williams Beyonce Kelly Rowland | Stellar Performance

9 April 2015

Michelle Williams was joined by her Destiny's Child bandmates Beyonce and Kelly Rowland at the 2015 Stellar Awards show. The Stellars showcase the who is who in the gospel music scene.

I love the fact that after so many years even though all 3 of ventured off to do their own projects they always come together to show each other love. Whether that is video appearance vocals on a track to key life events. In a world where so many groups split acrimoniously. The DC3 have shown the world they are better off as friends, sisters for life. 

Such a lovely performance of such a great song. 

Kierra Sheard | Flaws

6 April 2015

I first heard this song as a cover version sunng by Trey Mclaughlin and friends. So my joy at hearing this original version by Kierra Sheard. 

Flaws is a song about imperfections and realising that God loves us with our imperfections. God is able to look past our flaws.

Take a look at the lyric video and read along to the words. I truly feel the meaning of this song.

He is Risen!

5 April 2015

I live because of Him. He died on the cross for me and you. He conquered death and the grave so that I may live. Know that Jesus loves you and all of this He did so that you may have life. 

Stay blessed knowing that our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ is alive. He paid it all on that cross. 

You can read more about the resurrection of Jesus Christ in Matthew 28

Passover 2015

3 April 2015

Passover is often celebrated under the name Easter by many throughout the world. However the correct name of this weekend observance and celebration is only called Passover in the Bible. Or as it is referred to in the Bible "The Lord's Passover".  You can read about the Lord's Passover in Exodus 12.

Passover was initiated to prepare the Jews for the coming of the messiah Jesus. Who would be sacrificed and whose blood shedding would atone humanities sins. It is worth reading both the Passover story and the death and resurrection of Jesus together to see the similarities. I am told this is one of many examples of shadowing in the Bible. 

You will see that Passover ensured that when Israel was set free from Egypt they were ready to leave straight away. They did not have to prepare because they were already prepared by sticking to what God had commanded of them. 

Is it Passover for you or is it Easter? Either way these are definitely days our Lord deserves to be glorified and thanked for His ultimate sacrifice to us.