People Tell a Pastor Why They Don't Believe in God

21 December 2018

Pastor Erica Campbell sits down with a few people who share with her why they do not believe in God. They include people have had faith-based backgrounds who share why they do not believe and what they actually do believe. It is a very interesting video conversation. Erica did well with her responses.

Take a look at the video.

Would You Risk Your Life to Spread the Gospel

30 November 2018

By now most people will be aware of the American adventurer and missionary John Chau who lost his life on an ill-fated mission to spread the gospel of Jesus with the Sentinelese people. Its come to light that since he was 18yrs old he has felt it in his heart a calling from God to connect with the islanders and become friends with them in the hope of sharing the good news. 

No one actually knows what the tribe actually calls themselves. Due to their isolation, their language is different to their neighbours the Jarawa people who were also once uncontactable. They too reside in the archipelago of the Andaman and Nicobar islands in the Indian sea and come under India's state control. Strangers are often greeted with arrows and there has only been one time where they interacted with outsiders. This tribe is so rare that exposure to Western diseases such as the flu to the various poxes could kill large numbers of them further putting them at risk of extinction.

So Chau knew the island has a 3 mile exclusion zone but he chose to venture there anyway. His first attempt he ran back and left notes. The next attempt he was killed as an unwanted intruder. His misadventure has lead to people asking if Christians have a right to spread the gospel. Christians have pondered if he indeed was motivated by a calling from God.

The Bible teaches us to use wisdom in all that we do. Should Chau have done the right thing and approached the Indian government for a Restricted Area Permit. Would you risk your life to spread the gospel? How do you share the gospel today? How do you know its a calling and not something you simply just want to do?

Who Are The Evangelical Christians?

26 May 2018

Has the name Evangelical Christian been co-opted by white Christian Americans who do not care about the poor and prefer segregated churches? Is it a bastion for TV preachers? Does the term mean the same thing globally? AJ+ takes a look at Evangelical Christians and how they often differ greatly in America based on race and economics. Whilst globally the Evangelicals have a different meaning of who they are.

He Converted to Christianity From Islam

9 May 2018

Watch this video as a former Muslim Cyrus Speaks, explains his own encounter with God changed his life. He shares his journey from Islam to Christianity.


Wendy Williams Apologises To The Clark Sisters

20 April 2018

Wendy Williams recently took a few digs at the legendary gospel group The Clark Sisters.

On a recent show, she discussed the amazing success Snoop Dogg has achieved with his debut gospel album. His first gospel offering has reached number 1 on the American Billboard Gospel charts. Its 32 songs deep. 

So whilst congratulating Snoop, Wendy stated she wondered how the Clark sisters feel and if they ever had a number one. The Gospel community came to the sister's defense and shared facts adulation and pointed out they have had a number one. They have influenced not just gospel music circles but singers in general.

Wendy has now issued an apology and invited the ladies to join her on her show. Empressive on Youtube has put together a video showing the apology as well as clips which highlight a few famous secular artists who have spoken of their influence and of course their vocal excellence. 

Vanessa Bling - Have Mercy On Me Lord

10 February 2018

Vanessa Bling is best known these days as one of many singers that Dancehall artist Vybz Kartel introduced to the global music scene as Gaza Slim. What many people may not know is that she started in the church and has a strong church background. 

I came across this gospel song of hers called Have Mercy on Me Lord.  She produced the song herself. Which I think is worth a listen. Although she may offer both Reggae and Gospel songs just pray for her. She has not forgotten God and I do not believe he has forgotten her.

New Testament Kimyal Translation

2 January 2018

The Kimyal tribe reside in West Papua, Indonesia. They have had a part of the New Testament translated but have longed for a full translation to help them understand the Word better in their own language.

The community waited 47 years for this. You can see the joy and happiness on their faces as they receive the New Testament.

One of the many critiques of the Bible is that it has been translated too much. People often fail to realise that people understand better in their own native tongue languages. As long as the translation says what the original texts says and conveys the same message I see no issue. When the Holy Spirit descended on the Disciples they spoke in tongues and those tongues were languages that the bystanders spoke natively and they understood what was being said. 

Enjoy the video.