Wendy Williams Apologises To The Clark Sisters

20 April 2018

Wendy Williams recently took a few digs at the legendary gospel group The Clark Sisters.

On a recent show, she discussed the amazing success Snoop Dogg has achieved with his debut gospel album. His first gospel offering has reached number 1 on the American Billboard Gospel charts. Its 32 songs deep. 

So whilst congratulating Snoop, Wendy stated she wondered how the Clark sisters feel and if they ever had a number one. The Gospel community came to the sister's defense and shared facts adulation and pointed out they have had a number one. They have influenced not just gospel music circles but singers in general.

Wendy has now issued an apology and invited the ladies to join her on her show. Empressive on Youtube has put together a video showing the apology as well as clips which highlight a few famous secular artists who have spoken of their influence and of course their vocal excellence. 

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