He is powerful, so move over storm

16 November 2006
It turns out i skipped a section on reading. I jumped straight into leviticus when i needed to read exodus. Anyway all day at work in between dealing with customers. I read the bible online.

Reading about moses birth pharoah the egyptians, israel out of bondage and the parting of the red sea. Oh yeah the passover.

What i am finding interesting is that my outlook on these stories have changed. For so long they have simply been stories told in sunday school. Now i am seeing the connection. Dots are connecting.

I do have questions, but unsure if i can question it. Your either destined to be in God's army or not. Then again maybe you can choose to be in God's army as the egyptian midwives did by not killing the baby boys as instructed by pharoah.

My concern was with egypts demise. My understanding is that Egyptians were the chosen people at some point and through times lost their way and so came about Israel. Please correct me according to God's words, if you feel i interpret this part wrong.

Whats even more bizarre for me is that my friend and my sons godfather sent me this text message :
"Stop telling God how big your storm is.
Instead tell your storm how big your God is.
Be blessed and let the world know that you are a wonderful child of God!"
I do believe that God sends His word to you in more ways than one. What is more amazing or makes me look in wonder at the Lord is that few days ago Pastor Patrick was talking about the fact that we as humans were given dominion over the earth. A gift from God. Have we lost our way. Jesus is a way indeed. I believe there is a power that we have but how to utilise for good.
Maybe I need a conversation with God, Jesus, Holy spirit. so far i do understand one leads you to the other. mmmm

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